AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-05Enhancement fixesfi_write_user_dataShelly Liberman
2020-08-05Add user pointer and data size duplication to ssl context.shelib01
2020-07-21Merge pull request #3499 from AndrzejKurek/fi-duplicate-buffers-revertAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-15Revert a part of sensitive information duplication from tinycryptAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-15Revert a part of the sensitive information duplication changesAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-15Merge pull request #3481 from AndrzejKurek/fi_duplicate_buffers_2Andrzej Kurek
2020-07-08Minor formatting and cosmetic changesAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-08Add buffer and context clearing upon suspected FIAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-06Formatting changesAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-06Add FI countermeasures to the ssl moduleAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-06Duplicate sensitive buffer and buffer length informationAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-05Merge pull request #3439 from piotr-now/fic_switchShelly Liberman
2020-07-01Merge pull request #3467 from AndrzejKurek/cipher-wrap-aes-128-optimizeAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-30Add FI countermeasures for sensitive switch instructionsPiotr Nowicki
2020-06-30Wrap AES 192 and 256 info structures in !AES_ONLY_128_BIT_KEY_LENGTHAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-22Merge pull request #3395 from AndrzejKurek/sha-flow_ctrlAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-22Merge pull request #3408 from AndrzejKurek/hamming-distance-improvementsAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-12Increase the Hamming distance of uECC_generate_random_int returnsAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-10Merge pull request #3403 from piotr-now/sca_memmovePiotr Nowicki
2020-06-10Add new error code PLATFORM_ALLOC_FAILED for mbedtls_platform_memmove()Piotr Nowicki
2020-06-10Add flow control to sha256Andrzej Kurek
2020-06-10Merge pull request #3390 from piotr-now/rndelay_commentPiotr Nowicki
2020-06-09Add mbedtls_platform_memmove() as a secured memcmp()Piotr Nowicki
2020-06-09Add returning a FAULT_DETECTED error on suspected FI attacksPiotr Nowicki
2020-06-08Improve the Hamming distance of ssl_hs_is_proper_fragment return valuesAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-08Improve the usage of uECC_RNG_FunctionAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-08Add comment for mbedtls_platform_random_delay()Piotr Nowicki
2020-06-08Merge pull request #3355 from AndrzejKurek/fi_error_codesAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-05Change the default value of status variables to an errorAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-01Merge pull request #3379 from AndrzejKurek/fi_check_loopsAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-01Add flow control to tinycrypt verificationAndrzej Kurek
2020-06-01Merge pull request #3336 from piotr-now/baremetal_flowmonPiotr Nowicki
2020-05-27Added some descriptions of functionsPiotr Nowicki
2020-05-27Start comparison from a random location in the uECC_vli_equal.Piotr Nowicki
2020-05-27Merge pull request #3330 from AndrzejKurek/merge-2.16-8b34fefAndrzej Kurek
2020-05-25test_suite_x509parse: shorten test namesAndrzej Kurek
2020-05-21Add a x509 prerequisite in x509_internal.hAndrzej Kurek
2020-05-21Keep SSL context const when hw accel is disabledManuel Pégourié-Gonnard
2020-05-21Rename md_info_t to md_handle_t in test_suite_entropyAndrzej Kurek
2020-05-21Fix lack of cookie check on hard reconnectManuel Pégourié-Gonnard
2020-05-20Add flow monitor protection to mbedtls_platform_memcmp()Piotr Nowicki
2020-05-18Merge mbedtls 2.16.6 into baremetalAndrzej Kurek
2020-04-03Merge pull request #3044 from sbutcher-arm/merge-2.16-sprint27Simon Butcher
2020-03-13Revert "Merge pull request #3012 from Patater/dev/jp-bennett/development-2.16"Janos Follath
2020-03-13Test GCC and Clang with common build optionsGilles Peskine
2020-03-13Replace -O0 by -O1 or -Os in most componentsGilles Peskine
2020-03-13shrink tests: clearer descriptionGilles Peskine
2020-03-13Move test functions from Lilliput to BlefuscuGilles Peskine
2020-03-13Minor comment improvementGilles Peskine
2020-03-13Improve comments in mpi_shrinkGilles Peskine