AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysMerge pull request #3709 from CameronNemo/issue-3524developmentGilles Peskine
3 daysfix(programs/psa): commit python3 generated fileCameron Nemo
5 daysMerge pull request #3705 from ctron/feature/fix_return_code_1Gilles Peskine
6 daysfix return codeJens Reimann
9 daysMerge pull request #3542 from gilles-peskine-arm/psa-unified-driver-specs-202...Gilles Peskine
11 daysMerge pull request #3667 from Jongy/fix-docsGilles Peskine
12 daysMerge pull request #3568 from hanno-arm/tls13_experimental_key_schedule_1Janos Follath
12 daysComment on hardcoding of maximum HKDF key expansion of 255 BytesHanno Becker
12 daysMinor fixes and improvements in TLS 1.3 key schedule documentationHanno Becker
13 daysMerge pull request #3527 from ronald-cron-arm/key-extended-idGilles Peskine
13 daysMerge pull request #3644 from stevew817/feature/transparent_multipart_driverGilles Peskine
13 dayspsa: Move key identifier related macros and functionsRonald Cron
13 daysSet MBEDTLS_PSA_CRYPTO_KEY_ID_ENCODES_OWNER in baremetal configurationRonald Cron
13 daysFix key owner identifier documentationRonald Cron
13 daysRemove unnecessary inline definitionRonald Cron
14 daysFinal feedback from @ronald-cron-armSteven Cooreman
14 daysApply review feedbackSteven Cooreman
14 daysAdd mock and negative testing to cipher driverSteven Cooreman
14 daysUpdate semantics around driver context use in psa_cipher_setupSteven Cooreman
14 daysAdd testing of fallback to cipher operationsSteven Cooreman
14 daysImplement one-shot cipher in test driverSteven Cooreman
14 daysMake sure to not call mbedtls_cipher_free on an uninitialised contextSteven Cooreman
14 daysRemove superfluous call in PSA cipher setupSteven Cooreman
14 daysUnify cipher setup function inside test driverSteven Cooreman
14 daysCheck & set operation flags for both driver and software in the coreSteven Cooreman
14 daysUnify driver context struct handlingSteven Cooreman
14 daysSimplify cipher setup wrapper bodySteven Cooreman
14 daysOnly pass the driver-relevant portion of the context structSteven Cooreman
14 daysStyle and language fixes from reviewSteven Cooreman
14 daysStructify cipher test driver hook variablesSteven Cooreman
14 daysAdd new files to IDE projectSteven Cooreman
14 daysAdd changelog entrySteven Cooreman
14 daysExercise the AES-CTR multipart driver and check it gets calledSteven Cooreman
14 daysAdd a working implementation of a multipart AES-CTR test driverSteven Cooreman
14 daysUpdate license textsSteven Cooreman
14 daysRestructure cipher context object to contain driver switchSteven Cooreman
14 daysAdd initial pass on a multi-part test driverSteven Cooreman
14 daysMerge pull request #3480 from stevew817/feature/aes-ecbGilles Peskine
2020-09-12Merge pull request #3628 from gilles-peskine-arm/psa-conditional-inclusion-c-...Gilles Peskine
2020-09-12Fix docs to desribe written-into buffer parameter as writableYonatan Goldschmidt
2020-09-11Merge pull request #3569 from cm6n/fix_mbedtlssslsetbio_descriptionGilles Peskine
2020-09-11Merge pull request #3588 from guidovranken/fix-clang12-Wstring-concatenationJanos Follath
2020-09-10Merge pull request #3630 from mpg/rm-useless-cast-x509Gilles Peskine
2020-09-10Merge pull request #3585 from jdurkop/fix/undefined-reference-3294Gilles Peskine
2020-09-10Merge pull request #3525 from HowJMay/typoDave Rodgman
2020-09-10Fix miscalculation of maximum TLS 1.3 HKDF label lengthHanno Becker
2020-09-10Minor fixes to changelogDave Rodgman
2020-09-10Fix typo in commentHowJMay
2020-09-09Avoid duplicated test case names in TLS 1.3 key schedule unit testsHanno Becker
2020-09-09Remove check compilation guards from travis buildJohn Durkop