AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysMerge pull request #3694 from AndrzejKurek/transform-cipher-optimizationbaremetalAndrzej Kurek
10 daysMerge enc/dec cipher contexts in ssl transformsAndrzej Kurek
12 daysMerge pull request #3669 from shelib01/ec_key_gen_optimizationShelly Liberman
12 daysreplace user rand by platform rand in ecc delaysShelly Liberman
2020-09-03Merge pull request #3640 from AndrzejKurek/fi-hash-instead-of-crcAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-31Merge pull request #3619 from AndrzejKurek/fi-uecc-return-valueAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-24Merge pull request #3604 from AndrzejKurek/alias-memcmp-memequalAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-13Merge pull request #3553 from AndrzejKurek/crc-calculation-baseAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-13Merge pull request #3468 from piotr-now/fic_flow_monitorPiotr Nowicki
2020-08-12 Checking in critical places if secured memset() and memcpy() was successfulPiotr Nowicki
2020-08-12Add flow monitor for mbedtls_platform_memcpy() and mbedtls_platform_memmove()Piotr Nowicki
2020-08-12Checking in critical places if the mbedtls_platform_zeroize() was successfulPiotr Nowicki
2020-08-12Add flow montitor to the mbedtls_platform_memset()Piotr Nowicki
2020-08-12Merge pull request #3537 from piotr-now/platform_randomPiotr Nowicki
2020-08-11Fix CI failure.Piotr Nowicki
2020-08-11Random delay can be disabled in configurationPiotr Nowicki
2020-08-11Expanded the random number generator in the `platform_util.c` filePiotr Nowicki
2020-08-11Change the value type in the mbedtls_platform_random_in_range()Piotr Nowicki
2020-08-11Merge pull request #3448 from piotr-now/platform_utilPiotr Nowicki
2020-08-10Swap out CRC calculation in AES in favour of a simple hashAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-10Merge pull request #3532 from AndrzejKurek/fi-hmac-drbg-fixesAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-10Merge pull request #3477 from AndrzejKurek/aes-fake-keyAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-10Rename mbedtls_platform_memcmp() to mbedtls_platform_memequal()Piotr Nowicki
2020-08-10Change the tinycrypt return values to be below 256Andrzej Kurek
2020-08-09Add a deprecated version of mbedtls_platform_memcmp.Andrzej Kurek
2020-08-08Makefile: alphabetically order object filesAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-08aes: validate keys using crc before encryption/decryptionAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-08Add a CRC module to mbedtls and baremetal configAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-06Merge pull request #3514 from shelib01/fi_write_user_dataShelly Liberman
2020-08-05Splitting buffers comment addedShelly Liberman
2020-08-05Enhancement fixesfi_write_user_dataShelly Liberman
2020-08-05Add user pointer and data size duplication to ssl context.shelib01
2020-08-03Merge pull request #3516 from AndrzejKurek/fi-pkparse-changesAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-03Merge pull request #3510 from AndrzejKurek/fi-pk-fixesAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-03Merge pull request #3500 from AndrzejKurek/fi-sha256-fixesAndrzej Kurek
2020-08-03Merge pull request #3509 from AndrzejKurek/fi-x509-changesAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-30Merge pull request #3456 from AndrzejKurek/aes-fi-improvementsAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-21Merge pull request #3499 from AndrzejKurek/fi-duplicate-buffers-revertAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-19hmac_drbg: make no reseeding behaviour explicitAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-19aes: move the fake key operations to AES_SCA_COUNTERMEASURES defineAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-18hmac_drbg: fix default value of the prediction resistance in ctxAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-18hmac_drbg: set_entropy_len can now return an errorAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-18hmac_drbg: change two variables to be volatileAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-18Use a fake random key in AES calculationsAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-18Introduce sha256 security review fixes Andrzej Kurek
2020-07-17Add a comment regarding remaining space checkAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-17aes: add a comment about expected keybits value.Andrzej Kurek
2020-07-17Add minor FI countermeasures improvementsAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-17Add a platform function to return a random uint32_tAndrzej Kurek
2020-07-17Add a return from pk_get_ueccpubkey if uecc_public_key_read_binary failsAndrzej Kurek