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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-30Enable logging from OP-TEE SPsImre Kis
2021-04-13Create and export SP layout JSONBalint Dobszay
2021-04-13Add example SP manifestsBalint Dobszay
2021-03-11Fix: "arm-linux" builds allow wrong GCC compilerGyorgy Szing
2021-02-16Fix: output binary path for opteesp environmentBalint Dobszay
2021-02-12Fix: deployments fail to install to a single treeGyorgy Szing
2021-02-12Fix: CROSS_COMPILE env variable is ignoredGyorgy Szing
2020-11-27Add Linux PC and Arm environmentsJulian Hall
2020-11-25libsp: Add build system files.Gyorgy Szing