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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-05Add event log parameter handling in SPJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add demo app for attestation serviceJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation SP deploymentJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation claim sources for device claimsJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add provisioning support to attestation service providerJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation service provider and clientJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation key managementJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add t_cose library as external componentJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation report creationJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add components for attestation serviceJulian Hall
2021-07-04Add psa crypto C API clientJulian Hall
2021-07-03libsp: Fix memory leak in unit testImre Kis
2021-07-02Fix optional parameter handling in crypto serviceJulian Hall
2021-07-02Replace mbedcrypto dependency with Mbed TLSBalint Dobszay
2021-07-02Integrate routing extension into existing SPsImre Kis
2021-07-02libsp: Add FF-A direct message routing extensionImre Kis
2021-07-02libsp: Add SP messaging layerImre Kis
2021-07-02Set in_region_count to 0 during memory retrieveDavidson K
2021-07-02Change instruction access permissions of shared memoryDavidson K
2021-07-01Add protected-storage and internal-trusted-storage deploymentsjulhal01
2021-07-01Extend storage components for PSA PSjulhal01
2021-07-01Refactor Secure storage into frontend/backendjulhal01
2021-06-30Add support for multiple sessions per endpointBalint Dobszay
2021-06-30Sync with DebugFS driver API v2Balint Dobszay
2021-06-30Add check of DebugFS driver API versionBalint Dobszay
2021-04-14Add hw TRNG from SEL0 SPjulhal01
2021-04-14Add simple_c test runnerjulhal01
2021-04-14Add test_runner servicejulhal01
2021-04-14Add platform specific TRNG driverjulhal01
2021-04-14Add platform supportjulhal01
2021-04-14Add packed-c protocol support for crypto servicejulhal01
2021-04-14Extend RPC parametersjulhal01
2021-02-24libsp: Remove non-trivial designated initializersImre Kis
2021-02-23libsp: Integrate firmware-test-builderImre Kis
2021-02-12Align with Linux FF-A driverBalint Dobszay
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing sp_memory_management.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing sp_discovery.hImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add sp_rxtx.h mock implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing the functions of sp_rxtx.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add ffa_api.h mock implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing ffa_memory_descriptors.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing the functions of ffa_api.hImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add ffa_internal_api.h mock implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add mock assert implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Fix header file orderImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add missing include to sp_api_defines.hImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Refactoring sp_discovery.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Fix buffer boundary check in sp_discoveryImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Fix SP memory management formattingImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Handle SP memory management invalid argsImre Kis