AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-06Allow build-time selection of backend for PSA crypto clientJulian Hall
2021-10-06Improve reuse of crypto client componentsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add arbitrary length crypto operationsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Fix key export handling in crypto providerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Integrate discovery into crypto service providerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Introduce common service clientJulian Hall
2021-10-06Fix response length in AEAD proto serializerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add service discovery providerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Use PSA build config interface provided by Mbed TLSJulian Hall
2021-10-06Optimise service provider handler look-upJulian Hall
2021-10-06Align to PSA Attestation API testsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Enable PSA Crypto 1.0 API testsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Upgrade to mbedtls-3.0.0Julian Hall
2021-10-06Remove dependency on unsupported MbedTLS build interfaceJulian Hall
2021-10-06Peg to psa_arch_tests version with INHERIT toolchain supportJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add crypto support for AEAD operationsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Remove dependencies on deprecated PSA Crypto API definitionsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add crypto support for MAC operationsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add stubs for missing PSA Crypto API functionsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add support for key derivation cipher operationsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add crypto support for symmetric cipher operationsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Extend hash operation supportJulian Hall
2021-10-06Factor hash operations to sub-providerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Support modular extension of service provider capabilitiesJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add secure storage PSA API test deploymentsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add common cmake config for psa-api-test deploymentsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Fix initial PSA Crypto API test failuresJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add logging RPC callerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Extend supported crypto key management operationsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add stubs for unsupported PSA Crypto API client operationsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Patch arch test build to use inherited toolcahinJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add psa arch test componentsJulian Hall
2021-10-06Allow alternative backends for attestation providerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Allow alternative backends for crypto providerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Add secure enclave proxy deploymentJulian Hall
2021-10-05Add RPC demux componentJulian Hall
2021-10-05Extend ffa service location to support interface idJulian Hall
2021-10-05Add hash operation support to Crypto service providerJulian Hall
2021-10-04Fix: add missing deployments to b-testGyorgy Szing
2021-10-04Fix: fix parallel build settings for dependenciesGyorgy Szing
2021-10-04Fix: Stop opteesp environment using default libcAndrew Beggs
2021-07-09Update SP message handling for FFA routing extensionJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation service documentationJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add event log parameter handling in SPJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add demo app for attestation serviceJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation SP deploymentJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation claim sources for device claimsJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add provisioning support to attestation service providerJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation service provider and clientJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation key managementJulian Hall