AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysFix export IAK public status code on errorintegrationJulian Hall
2 daysFix volatile compile warning in ffarpc_call_epJulian Hall
12 daysEnhance newlib fetch processGyorgy Szing
12 daysEnhance mbedtls fetch processGyorgy Szing
2021-12-16Enhance standard library integrationGyorgy Szing
2021-12-11Fix: build failure of env-testGyorgy Szing
2021-12-09Support FFARPC call requests with no shared bufferJulian Hall
2021-12-08Fix interface ID parameter setting in sp/ffarpc_callerJulian Hall
2021-12-07Add uefi-test deploymentJulian Hall
2021-12-07Add UEFI variable support for QueryVariableInfoJulian Hall
2021-12-07Add uefi variable append write supportJulian Hall
2021-12-02Remove SP dev kit external componentImre Kis
2021-12-02Integrate newlib into opteesp environmentImre Kis
2021-12-02Extend compatibility of header filesImre Kis
2021-12-02Add newlib as external componentImre Kis
2021-12-02Remove OP-TEE dependency on trace functionsImre Kis
2021-12-02Fix: stop overriding platform settingGyorgy Szing
2021-12-02Fix psa_key_handle_t typedefJulian Hall
2021-11-29Add version number for libtsBalint Dobszay
2021-11-29Add TsGetVersion CMake moduleBalint Dobszay
2021-11-26Fix get operation for chained secure storage providersJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add mm communicate service location strategyJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add MM Communicate RPC callerJulian Hall
2021-11-26Test smm_variable_mm_serviceImre Kis
2021-11-26Test mm_communicate_call_epImre Kis
2021-11-26Add mock RPC interfaceImre Kis
2021-11-26Add unit test deployment for SMM gatewayImre Kis
2021-11-26Add support for 64-bit operation status valuesJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add checks for unsupported smm variable featuresJulian Hall
2021-11-26Extend SMM Variable function supportJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add smm variable invalid length attack test casesJulian Hall
2021-11-26Integrate MM communicate RPC layer to SMM gatewayImre Kis
2021-11-26Add support for memory regions in SP configImre Kis
2021-11-26Create SMM variable MM serviceImre Kis
2021-11-26Implement MM communicate RPC endpointImre Kis
2021-11-26Add MM communication protocol definitionsImre Kis
2021-11-26Add smm variable power fail recoveryJulian Hall
2021-11-26Extend UEFI SetVariable to support removalJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add smm-gateway SP deploymentJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add smm-variable service level testsJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add smm-variable standalone service contextJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add smm_variable service providerJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add uefi variable store testsJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add basic uefi_variable_store implementationJulian Hall
2021-11-26Add protocol definitions for smm_variableJulian Hall
2021-11-26Fix: psa-api-test executable names clashGyorgy Szing
2021-11-19Allow NULL as data in storage client if length is 0Imre Kis
2021-11-18Add b-test improvementsGyorgy Szing
2021-11-11Use crypto sp as attestation sp crypto providerJulian Hall
2021-10-06Improve reusability of service_name and uuid componentsJulian Hall