AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-26Fix: correct Linux FF-A driver dependencyHEADmainBalint Dobszay
2021-04-14Add hw TRNG from SEL0 SPjulhal01
2021-04-14Add simple_c test runnerjulhal01
2021-04-14Add test_runner servicejulhal01
2021-04-14Add platform specific TRNG driverjulhal01
2021-04-14Add platform supportjulhal01
2021-04-14Add packed-c protocol support for crypto servicejulhal01
2021-04-14Extend RPC parametersjulhal01
2021-04-13Create and export SP layout JSONBalint Dobszay
2021-04-13Add example SP manifestsBalint Dobszay
2021-03-26Fix nanopb python dependenciesGyorgy Szing
2021-03-26Update specifications sectionGyorgy Szing
2021-03-11Fix: "arm-linux" builds allow wrong GCC compilerGyorgy Szing
2021-02-24libsp: Remove non-trivial designated initializersImre Kis
2021-02-23Use firmware-test-builder in existing testsImre Kis
2021-02-23libsp: Integrate firmware-test-builderImre Kis
2021-02-16Fix: output binary path for opteesp environmentBalint Dobszay
2021-02-12Fix: deployments fail to install to a single treeGyorgy Szing
2021-02-12Fix: CROSS_COMPILE env variable is ignoredGyorgy Szing
2021-02-12Align with Linux FF-A driverBalint Dobszay
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing sp_memory_management.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing sp_discovery.hImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add sp_rxtx.h mock implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing the functions of sp_rxtx.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add ffa_api.h mock implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing ffa_memory_descriptors.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Unit testing the functions of ffa_api.hImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add ffa_internal_api.h mock implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add mock assert implementationImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Fix header file orderImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Add missing include to sp_api_defines.hImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Refactoring sp_discovery.cImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Fix buffer boundary check in sp_discoveryImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Fix SP memory management formattingImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Handle SP memory management invalid argsImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Move sp_memory_attr definitionImre Kis
2021-02-02libsp: Fix formatting of sp_rxtx.cImre Kis
2021-01-28DOC: update documentation.Julian Hall
2021-01-13libsp: Fix RXTX buffer page count range checkImre Kis
2021-01-13libsp: Fix scope of sp_rxtx.c internal variablesImre Kis
2021-01-13libsp: Add missing extern "C" linkage-specificationImre Kis
2020-11-27Add testing and demo deploymentsJulian Hall
2020-11-27Add crypto deploymentJulian Hall
2020-11-27Add secure storage service and demo deploymentsBalint Dobszay
2020-11-27Add deployment for libtsJulian Hall
2020-11-27Add demo applicationJulian Hall
2020-11-27Add test applicationJulian Hall
2020-11-27Add crypto serviceJulian Hall
2020-11-27Add secure storage serviceBalint Dobszay
2020-11-27Add service locator componentJulian Hall