BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
integrationFix: make GCC.cmake host compatibleGyorgy Szing4 weeks
topics/bd/testBump CMake minimum version to 3.18Balint Dobszay6 months
topics/block_storageFix: make GCC.cmake host compatibleGyorgy Szing4 weeks
topics/cddl_cbor_protoFix UUID endianness issues with TF-A FIPImre Kis5 months
topics/corstone1000Fix: make GCC.cmake host compatibleGyorgy Szing4 weeks
topics/fwtbEnable branch coverage measurementImre Kis7 months
topics/gsg/build_optionFix newlib build issue if using pre-fetched sourceGyorgy Szing7 weeks
topics/mbedtls-3-1-0-updateFix psa_raw_key_agreement status codeBalint Dobszay6 months
topics/spmc_mainlineMEM: Release rx_buffer after retrieve requestJelle Sels10 months
topics/uefi_auth_varChange t-cose integration to use PropertyCopyGyorgy Szing6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-11-03Fix: make GCC.cmake host compatibletopics/corstone1000topics/block_storageintegrationGyorgy Szing
2022-11-03Fix: make platform-inspect compiler independentGyorgy Szing
2022-11-03Build: add build type supportGyorgy Szing
2022-10-21Fix: unused variables in psa_arch_tests.cmakeGyorgy Szing
2022-10-20Add spm-test SPs to b-testGyorgy Szing
2022-10-20Fix libsp/opteesp build failureGyorgy Szing
2022-10-13Fix newlib build issue if using pre-fetched sourcetopics/gsg/build_optionGyorgy Szing
2022-10-12Fix newlib build with musl-gccGyorgy Szing
2022-10-12Add newlib deploymentGyorgy Szing
2022-10-12Enhance libgcc location discovery in cmakeMark Dykes