BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
integrationPrevent using empty response in secure_storage_client_get_infoImre Kis2 weeks
mainFix: correct Linux FF-A driver dependencyBalint Dobszay15 months
topics/bd/testBump CMake minimum version to 3.18Balint Dobszay3 months
topics/block_storageChange UUID to little-endian in SP manifestBalint Dobszay7 weeks
topics/cddl_cbor_protoFix UUID endianness issues with TF-A FIPImre Kis8 weeks
topics/fwtbEnable branch coverage measurementImre Kis4 months
topics/mbedtls-3-1-0-updateFix psa_raw_key_agreement status codeBalint Dobszay3 months
topics/spmc_mainlineMEM: Release rx_buffer after retrieve requestJelle Sels6 months
topics/spmc_testAdd service locator strategy for SP to SP discoveryJulian Hall10 months
topics/uefi_auth_varChange t-cose integration to use PropertyCopyGyorgy Szing3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-07-29Prevent using empty response in secure_storage_client_get_infointegrationImre Kis
2022-07-05Add documentation on tools & demo deploymentsJulian Hall
2022-07-05Add library deployment documentationJulian Hall
2022-07-05Add test deployment documentationJulian Hall
2022-07-05Expand deployments document structureJulian Hall
2022-07-05Add UEFI SMM service documentationJulian Hall
2022-07-05Fix compiler warning in logging_caller.cJulian Hall
2022-07-05Use -Wall compiler warning levelJulian Hall
2022-07-05Simplify handling of psa_hash_suspend/resumeJulian Hall
2022-07-05Fix bogus free() hazard in service framework testsJulian Hall