BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
integrationUpdate SP message handling for FFA routing extensionJulian Hall3 months
mainFix: correct Linux FF-A driver dependencyBalint Dobszay5 months
topics/c-pickerUse libclang pip package instead of clangImre Kis7 months
topics/fwtbAdd llvm-10 to LIBCLANG_COMMON_PATHSBalint Dobszay5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-09Update SP message handling for FFA routing extensionintegrationJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation service documentationJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add event log parameter handling in SPJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add demo app for attestation serviceJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation SP deploymentJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation claim sources for device claimsJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add provisioning support to attestation service providerJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation service provider and clientJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add attestation key managementJulian Hall
2021-07-05Add t_cose library as external componentJulian Hall