BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
integrationChange UUID to little-endian in SP manifestBalint Dobszay5 days
mainFix: correct Linux FF-A driver dependencyBalint Dobszay13 months
topics/bd/testBump CMake minimum version to 3.18Balint Dobszay7 weeks
topics/block_storageChange UUID to little-endian in SP manifestBalint Dobszay5 days
topics/cddl_cbor_protoFix UUID endianness issues with TF-A FIPImre Kis14 days
topics/fwtbEnable branch coverage measurementImre Kis2 months
topics/mbedtls-3-1-0-updateFix psa_raw_key_agreement status codeBalint Dobszay7 weeks
topics/spmc_mainlineMEM: Release rx_buffer after retrieve requestJelle Sels5 months
topics/spmc_testAdd service locator strategy for SP to SP discoveryJulian Hall9 months
topics/uefi_auth_varChange t-cose integration to use PropertyCopyGyorgy Szing6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-26Fix: correct Linux FF-A driver dependencyHEADmainBalint Dobszay
2021-04-14Add hw TRNG from SEL0 SPjulhal01
2021-04-14Add simple_c test runnerjulhal01
2021-04-14Add test_runner servicejulhal01
2021-04-14Add platform specific TRNG driverjulhal01
2021-04-14Add platform supportjulhal01
2021-04-14Add packed-c protocol support for crypto servicejulhal01
2021-04-14Extend RPC parametersjulhal01
2021-04-13Create and export SP layout JSONBalint Dobszay
2021-04-13Add example SP manifestsBalint Dobszay