BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
integrationUpdate release Id to 1.0.0-betaGyorgy Szing4 days
mainUpdate release Id to 1.0.0-betaGyorgy Szing4 days
topics/bd/testBump CMake minimum version to 3.18Balint Dobszay7 months
topics/block_storageFix: make GCC.cmake host compatibleGyorgy Szing5 weeks
topics/cddl_cbor_protoFix UUID endianness issues with TF-A FIPImre Kis6 months
topics/corstone1000Fix: make GCC.cmake host compatibleGyorgy Szing5 weeks
topics/fwtbEnable branch coverage measurementImre Kis8 months
topics/gsg/build_optionFix newlib build issue if using pre-fetched sourceGyorgy Szing8 weeks
topics/mbedtls-3-1-0-updateFix psa_raw_key_agreement status codeBalint Dobszay7 months
topics/uefi_auth_varChange t-cose integration to use PropertyCopyGyorgy Szing7 months
v1.0.0-betatrusted-services-1.0.0-beta.tar.gz  Gyorgy Szing4 days
v1.0.0-beta_rc0trusted-services-1.0.0-beta_rc0.tar.gz  Gyorgy Szing4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysUpdate release Id to 1.0.0-betaHEADv1.0.0-beta_rc0v1.0.0-betamainintegrationGyorgy Szing
9 daysUpdate change-log for the 1.0.0-beta releaseGyorgy Szing
9 daysAdd generic threat modelGyorgy Szing
9 daysDoc: update glossaryGyorgy Szing
9 daysDoc: add release process descriptionGyorgy Szing
9 daysDoc: document version control policyGyorgy Szing
9 daysDoc: add quality assurance pagesGyorgy Szing
9 daysDoc: document security incident reporting processGyorgy Szing
9 daysDoc: remove the todo pluginGyorgy Szing
9 daysDoc: add AEM FVP platform pageGyorgy Szing