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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysBuild: Convert docs directory to modern cmakeMinos Galanakis
3 daysDocs: Decouple from CMAKE and enable sphynx-build.Minos Galanakis
3 daysBuild: Convert tools dir to modern cmakeRaef Coles
2020-09-02Build: Remove unused field 'tfm_extensions'Ken Liu
2020-08-26Tools: update iat-verifier README and samplesSergei Trofimov
2020-08-14Tools: iatverifier display bytes field in hexa formatMichel Jaouen
2020-08-13Test: Remove test from TF-MKevin Peng
2020-08-12Test: Simplify dual-cpu lightweight NS multi-thread testDavid Hu
2020-08-05SPM: Restructure SPM folderSummer Qin
2020-07-16Tools: Print out more informationedison.ai
2020-06-19Tools: add Mac0Message support to iatverifierSergei Trofimov
2020-06-19Docs: Restructuring and new layoutMinos Galanakis
2020-06-12SST: Rename SST(Secure STorage) to PS(Protected Storage)Kevin Peng
2020-06-10Tools: Use build system appropriate newlinesTTornblom
2020-06-03Build: Follow the 'source_structure.rst'Ken Liu
2020-05-29Core: Separate SPM_DB for library model and IPC modelShawn Shan
2020-05-04SST: Move the SST partition to Application Root Of TrustGalanakis, Minos
2020-04-23Build: IAR supportTTornblom
2020-04-21Initial check-in of TF-Fuzz.Gary Morrison
2020-03-12Tools: fix dev_scripts/generate-sample-iat.pySergei Trofimov
2020-03-11Build: Convert windows paths to unix pathsTTornblom
2020-02-20Tools: Add linker_pattern support to manifest list fileJaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2020-02-20Test: Add a Secure Partition for multi-core testDavid Hu
2020-02-12Tools: Add support for PSA FF test manifest parsingJaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2020-01-06Tools: Decouple output and template of template toolKevin Peng
2020-01-06Tools: Add arguments for manifest parsing toolKevin Peng
2020-01-06Tools: Add output argument for manifest parsing toolShawn Shan
2019-12-24Build: Add conditional build for secure partitionsKevin Peng
2019-12-20Test: Add Secure Client 2 test partitionJamie Fox
2019-12-04Interface: Enable Platform service in IPC modelMate Toth-Pal
2019-11-25Test: Add SST test partitionJamie Fox
2019-11-20Core: Move tfm_spm_db files to spm folderEdison Ai
2019-11-20Build: Use generated PIDEdison Ai
2019-11-20Build: Create pid.h fileEdison Ai
2019-11-15Build: Fix deprecated yaml.load callsMate Toth-Pal
2019-10-23Build: Add support for json manifest formatJaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2019-10-17Tools: allow IAT verification with public keySergei Trofimov
2019-10-07ITS: Implement the top layer of the ITS serviceTudorCretu
2019-10-07Tools: Update the list of mandatory claimsDavid Vincze
2019-09-09Tools: iat-verifier make PROFILE_ID optionalSergei Trofimov
2019-09-03Tools: remove EPOCH references from iat-verifierSergei Trofimov
2019-09-03Tools: relax unexpected claim handling by iatverifierSergei Trofimov
2019-09-03Tools: add --raw option to compile_token.Sergei Trofimov
2019-09-03Tools: use safe_load instead of load for YAMLSergei Trofimov
2019-08-20Test: Add an option to select/deselect IRQ test casesDavid Hu
2019-07-29Core: Eliminate SPM DB initialising codeMate Toth-Pal
2019-07-19Build: Generate service ID header fileEdison Ai
2019-07-19Core: Remove tfm_spm_signal_defs.hEdison Ai
2019-07-18Build: Generate manifest file name header fileEdison Ai
2019-07-17Tools: update sample token.Sergei Trofimov