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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-16SPM: Fix build warningsKevin Peng
2021-06-15Tools: Update manifest parse tools for SFNShawn Shan
2021-06-15SPM: Stateless services can be searched by sidMingyang Sun
2021-06-09Attest: Remove unused variablesShawn Shan
2021-06-09SPM: Remove unused functionShawn Shan
2021-06-08SPM: Add IRQ data in Partition LoadingKevin Peng
2021-06-08SPM: Invert tfm_spm_check_buffer_access() logicAntonio de Angelis
2021-06-08SPM: Rename 'static_info' to 'load_info'Mingyang Sun
2021-06-08HAL: Replace the 'idx' input param with 'privileged'Mingyang Sun
2021-06-08Crypto: Change to stateless serviceSummer Qin
2021-06-07Attest: Support to retrieve Initial Attestation public key in runtimeDavid Hu
2021-06-07SPM: Rename SVC numbers to make more senseKen Liu
2021-06-04Boot & FWU: Add support of reverting mechanism in DIRECT_XIP modeSherry Zhang
2021-06-03SPM: Fix load info manifest templateMingyang Sun
2021-06-02SPM: Fix warning of discarded qualifiersXinyu Zhang
2021-06-02SPM: Modify codes to pass CI CheckPatchXinyu Zhang
2021-06-02Attest: Remove initial attestation get public key API functionDavid Hu
2021-05-31SPM: Optimize stateless service logicKen Liu
2021-05-31SPM: Refine 'load' interfacesKen Liu
2021-05-31SPM: Correct 'invalid parameter' error handlingShawn Shan
2021-05-27SPM: Fix missing break in TFM_SVC_OUTPUT_UNPRIV_STRING SVC handlingAntonio de Angelis
2021-05-26FWU: Add checking the state of the running imageSherry Zhang
2021-05-25Tools: Change parser processing sequenceKen Liu
2021-05-25SPM: Fix Musca_B1 Regression Test IssueKen Liu
2021-05-24Crypto: Delete two deprecated crypto functions.shejia01
2021-05-22SPM: Shorten 'TFM_GET_CONTAINER_PTR'Ken Liu
2021-05-21SPM: Move 'load' headers into 'spm' folderKen Liu
2021-05-21Crypto: Key derivation module switch updateSummer Qin
2021-05-21SPM: Fix API input parameter of configuring isolationMingyang Sun
2021-05-21SPM: Make SP log support library modelMingyang Sun
2021-05-21Crypto: Refine asymmetric cryptographic control flagsDavid Hu
2021-05-20Tools: Update manifest parse tools for interrupt partShawn Shan
2021-05-20SPM: Rename 'static info' into 'load info'Ken Liu
2021-05-20SPM: Convert SVC number to uint8_tKevin Peng
2021-05-19FWU: Make setting the bootloader used in FWU simplerSherry Zhang
2021-05-19FWU: Add the support of image update with dependenciesSherry Zhang
2021-05-19SPM: Fix warning of variable length dataMingyang Sun
2021-05-18SPM: Add assets info for partitionsKen Liu
2021-05-13SPM: Fix service allocation logicMingyang Sun
2021-05-11SPM: Use partition static data from data sectionMingyang Sun
2021-05-11Build: Add partition static info for FF-testMingyang Sun
2021-05-10Crypto: Remove unnecessary multi-part operation clean-upDavid Hu
2021-05-08Build: Build and arrange partition static dataMingyang Sun
2021-05-08SPM: Add header files for partition static loadMingyang Sun
2021-05-08SPM: Do not schedule if NSPE was interrupted by SPEKevin Peng
2021-05-08Crypto: Add support for NV seed entropySummer Qin
2021-05-06Build: Fix some build warnings.shejia01
2021-04-30Interface: Change control param to uint32_t preprocessorXinyu Zhang
2021-04-29Interface: Fix veneer function namingDavid Hu