path: root/secure_fw/partitions/partition_load_info.template
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-09Tools: Move partition templates into tools folderKen Liu
2021-07-16SPM: Minor refinement of "load info" templateMingyang Sun
2021-06-30SPM: Add partition runtime region in the linkerKen Liu
2021-06-15Tools: Update manifest parse tools for SFNShawn Shan
2021-06-08SPM: Add IRQ data in Partition LoadingKevin Peng
2021-06-08SPM: Rename 'static_info' to 'load_info'Mingyang Sun
2021-06-03SPM: Fix load info manifest templateMingyang Sun
2021-05-31SPM: Optimize stateless service logicKen Liu
2021-05-31SPM: Refine 'load' interfacesKen Liu
2021-05-25Tools: Change parser processing sequenceKen Liu
2021-05-20SPM: Rename 'static info' into 'load info'Ken Liu