path: root/secure_fw/partitions
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysAttest: Add DAK Seed as builtin keyRaef Coles
2022-09-15Partitions: remove PSA proxy partitionMark Horvath
2022-09-09test: initial_attestation: Remove dependency on debug config for testsJoakim Andersson
2022-09-08Attest: Use measurement size from headerJamie Fox
2022-09-08Build: Fetch partition from tfm-extrasMaulik Patel
2022-09-08NS Agent Mailbox: Move multi_core_mem_check.cChris Brand
2022-09-07Attest: Add ARM_CCA attestation token profileTamas Ban
2022-09-07Attest: Remove attest_get_encoded_boot_records()David Vincze
2022-09-07Attest: Move label definitions to public headerTamas Ban
2022-09-07Attest: Use ES256 / HMAC256 algorithm for testingDavid Vincze
2022-09-07Attest: Store the token buffer in data segmentDavid Vincze
2022-09-07SPM: Add MVE support for GNUARM toolchainGabor Toth
2022-09-06Remove code only used by ns_agent_mailbox from SPMChris Brand
2022-09-02CC3XX: Add dedicated init and free functionsAntonio de Angelis
2022-08-31Partitions: Enable configurable stack sizeKevin Peng
2022-08-30Partition: FWU: Add missing header fileKevin Peng
2022-08-29Build: Merge secure_api & sp_log_raw into tfm_sprtKevin Peng
2022-08-29tfm_secure_api.h should be Library Model onlyKevin Peng
2022-08-23Platform Partition: Allow configuration of input and output bufferSatish Kumar
2022-08-11Build: Keep idle partition enabled on multi-core platformsDavid Hu
2022-08-11SPM: Fix macro checks for clearing floating point contextLingkai Dong
2022-08-10SPM: Introduce ns_agent partition flagChris Brand
2022-08-07Attest: Use PSA builtin key for token signingRaef Coles
2022-08-07PS: Update to use PSA builtin key HUK derivationRaef Coles
2022-08-07Crypto: Use PSA builtin keys for HUK derivationRaef Coles
2022-08-07Crypto: Implement PSA builtin keysRaef Coles
2022-08-05SPM: Disable idle partition in case of no interruptSherry Zhang
2022-08-05SPM: Remove unused code related to FLIHSherry Zhang
2022-08-04Attest: Use Measured Boot partition for token creationDavid Vincze
2022-07-27Attest: Disable the omission of SW componentsTamas Ban
2022-07-27Attest: Introduce PSA 2.0.0 attestation profileTamas Ban
2022-07-27Attest: Rename claims according to latest spec versionTamas Ban
2022-07-27Attest: Rename definesTamas Ban
2022-07-27Build: Unifying and format configuration printoutAnton Komlev
2022-07-21Build: Set ns_agent partition flagsChris Brand
2022-07-20Platform: Fix platform SP under lib modelRaef Coles
2022-07-20SPM: clear caller context in veneer functionsSherry Zhang
2022-07-19Crypto: Further optimize crypto interfaceDavid Hu
2022-07-19Platform: Update platform partition to SFNRaef Coles
2022-07-15Platform: Add NS NV countersRaef Coles
2022-07-08Crypto: Add config check for mbedtlsSummer Qin
2022-07-06Crypto: Miss bracketSummer Qin
2022-07-06Platform: Better NV counter permissions for SPRaef Coles
2022-07-06Crypto: Implement each interface as empty if not usedDavid Hu
2022-07-06Build: Fix minor link issuesKevin Peng
2022-07-02Build: Introduce TFM_CONFIG_USE_TRUSTZONEChris Brand
2022-06-29Crypto: Disable single-part operations in Profile SmallDavid Hu
2022-06-29Platform: Remove unused heapSherry Zhang
2022-06-28SPM: Use dedicated instrutions to clear contextKen Liu