path: root/secure_fw/include
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-31SPM: Refine 'load' interfacesKen Liu
2021-05-21SPM: Move 'load' headers into 'spm' folderKen Liu
2021-05-20SPM: Rename 'static info' into 'load info'Ken Liu
2021-05-20SPM: Convert SVC number to uint8_tKevin Peng
2021-05-19SPM: Fix warning of variable length dataMingyang Sun
2021-05-18SPM: Add assets info for partitionsKen Liu
2021-05-11SPM: Use partition static data from data sectionMingyang Sun
2021-05-08Build: Build and arrange partition static dataMingyang Sun
2021-05-08SPM: Add header files for partition static loadMingyang Sun
2021-04-28Unify to use ARRAY_SIZE in TF-M codesXinyu Zhang
2021-03-16SPM: Remove *TFM* IRQ APIs for IPC ModelKevin Peng
2021-03-16SPM: Partial implementation of PSA interrupt control APIsKevin Peng
2021-02-24SPM: Change log level from variable to string in CmakeShawn Shan
2021-01-15SPM: Provide an SVC entrance for the unprivileged logShawn Shan
2020-07-15SPM: Sort out secure_fw/includeSummer Qin
2020-07-13SPM: Sort out tfm_secure_api.c fileSummer Qin
2020-07-10SPM: Remove unused functionKen Liu
2020-06-19Core: Move spm header files to 'spm' folderMingyang Sun
2020-06-03Build: Follow the 'source_structure.rst'Ken Liu
2020-04-20Core: Remove memory permission check APIJamie Fox
2020-02-25Core: Add lifecycle APIShawn Shan
2020-02-13Core: Remove thread exit functionSummer Qin
2020-01-03Core: Apply naked implementation for secure entrySummer Qin
2020-01-02Core: Initialize IPC SPM in handler modeKen Liu
2020-01-02Core: Implement the psa_panic()Edison Ai
2019-12-27Core: Suppress handler mode loggingKen Liu
2019-11-18Core: Enable platform specific extensions to the core set of SVC handlersAlan DeMars
2019-10-24Core: Move SVC header into 'secure_fw/include'Ken Liu
2019-03-05Doc: non C specific doxygen documentation added.Gyorgy Szing
2018-11-15Core: New SPM services API for secure partitionsMiklos Balint