path: root/secure_fw
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
46 hoursBuild: Fix minor issues with new buildsystemHEADmasterRaef Coles
3 daysBuild: Add IAR support to new build systemTTornblom
3 daysBuild: Convert secure_fw dir to modern cmakeRaef Coles
13 daysSPM: make has_access_to_region() compatible with vendor IDAUsIoannis Glaropoulos
2020-09-08Crypto: Highlight unsafe NULL entropy more explicitlySoby Mathew
2020-09-03Increase ITS_MAX_ASSET_SIZE for PSA Crypto Compliance testsSoby Mathew
2020-09-03ITS/PS: Make file system configuration dynamicChris Brand
2020-09-01SPM: Fix the sfn parameters check function of Lib ModelKevin Peng
2020-09-01Attest: Remove wrapper file around psa/client.hTamas Ban
2020-09-01Attest: Rename files to follow naming conventionTamas Ban
2020-09-01Attest: Extend the naming of token encoding related functionalityLaurence Lundblade
2020-08-31SPM: Move PSA client and service apis into 'spm/common'Summer Qin
2020-08-31Arch: Add function to configure coprocessorsJamie Fox
2020-08-31Core: Avoid branching from inline assembly functionMark Horvath
2020-08-28SPM: Add header file for SPM log systemShawn Shan
2020-08-28SPM: Move psa client call apis into 'spm/common'Summer Qin
2020-08-28SPM: Remove 'init' and 'runtime' folder in 'spm/common'Summer Qin
2020-08-28SPM: Remove include folder in cmsis_psaSummer Qin
2020-08-28SPM: Depreciate vague header 'tfm_internal.h'Summer Qin
2020-08-27HAL: Rename platform init functionSummer Qin
2020-08-27HAL: Rename platform reset functionSummer Qin
2020-08-25SPM: Sort out main.c including and dependency checkSummer Qin
2020-08-25Crypto: Increase more heap sizeKen Liu
2020-08-21Crypto: Bump up mbedTLS heap sizeSoby Mathew
2020-08-21Crypto: migrate support to MbedTLS v2.23.0Soby Mathew
2020-08-17SPM: Move partition runtime data to partitionMingyang Sun
2020-08-17SPM: Move message list to partitionMingyang Sun
2020-08-14SPM: Create model-specific SPM entry filesSummer Qin
2020-08-13Test: Remove test from TF-MKevin Peng
2020-08-13Dualcpu: Fix type casting between uint32_t and psa_status_tDavid Hu
2020-08-12Test: Simplify dual-cpu lightweight NS multi-thread testDavid Hu
2020-08-11PS: update tfm_ps_get() descriptionAlamy Liu
2020-08-10SPM: Restructure memory operation functionsSummer Qin
2020-08-07SPM: Change partition structure member and nameMingyang Sun
2020-08-07SPM: Separate SPM data structure definitionsMingyang Sun
2020-08-07SPM: Use separate head file for different modelsMingyang Sun
2020-08-06ITS: Combine filesystem create and write functionsJamie Fox
2020-08-06PS: Enable to select AEAD algorithm in PSDavid Hu
2020-08-05SPM: Restructure SPM folderSummer Qin
2020-08-04SPM: Use separate source code for different modelsMingyang Sun
2020-07-30ITS: Conditional initialization of PS contextRobert Rostohar
2020-07-27SPM: Refine tfm_spm_init codeKevin Peng
2020-07-20ITS: Pad ITS structs to ITS_FLASH_MAX_ALIGNMENT sizeTTornblom
2020-07-20Interface: Move the tz_context.h from app to interfaceKevin Peng
2020-07-17Build: Define TEST_DIR once and use it everywhereKevin Peng
2020-07-15SPM: Sort out arch/includeSummer Qin
2020-07-15SPM: Sort out secure_fw/includeSummer Qin
2020-07-14Platform: Minor warnings cleanup for IARTTornblom
2020-07-14Core: Move pendsv priority operations into archSummer Qin
2020-07-13SPM: Move library specific functions into model_funcSummer Qin