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2021-06-23Docs: Refine tfm_sw_requirement.rstSummer Qin
Simplify the tfm software requirement document and change the document to 'tfm_getting_started.rst', let it more suitable for new starter. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I10379aa92ac2c6cd784f0fd1b1b5431243716d74
2021-06-23Docs: Refine tfm_run_instruction.rst nameSummer Qin
Rename 'tfm_run_instruction.rst' to 'run_tfm_examples_on_arm_platforms.rst' to reflect the content better. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I0ae23907ab05fe08ba191bb123507d53a7af48e1
2021-06-17Docs: Move build instruction and user guide into technical referenceSummer Qin
Move build instruction document and user guide document from getting started into technical references folder. Rename 'tfm_user_guide.rst' to 'tfm_run_instruction.rst'. This will make the document structure more clear for readers. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I69d46151f2cb97c828c1b82775ffd1af9032ed45
2021-04-21Docs: Restructure the documentsSummer Qin
Restructure the file category to let it more friendly to users. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I7ced0e2d700ce03423e472e0098608f3445ba169
2021-01-18Docs: Update Links in readme.rstXinyu Zhang
Links of TF-M docs in readme.rst are updated. Signed-off-by: Xinyu Zhang <xinyu.zhang@arm.com> Change-Id: I0f30d5173cb9476011fddee94498d46df6629950
2020-06-18Doc: Update email address for feedback and supportKevin Peng
Change-Id: I7ed5837de4501c0872b265d2737310492daf431c Signed-off-by: Kevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>
2020-03-27Doc: Introduce changelog for 1.0 releaseSoby Mathew
Signed-off-by: Soby Mathew <soby.mathew@arm.com> Change-Id: I0ae8d3a1fe64ada327ba8f95496657633a16160c
2020-01-24Doc: Minor documentation fixesGalanakis, Minos
This patch introduces a set of minor bug-fixes, aimed at increasing the quality of the rendered documentation It also adds a new feature of exposing cmake variables to the documentation. * Exposed @SPHINXCFG_TFM_VERSION@ to .rst documents as |TFM_VERSION| * Upgraded tfm_its_512_flash document to comply with the documentation guidelines * Fixed a typo in tfm_build_instruction document * Reworded the cryptocell-312-runtime readme file with valid links to the user-manual * Added psoc64/security/keys/readme.rst to excluded document-list * Fixed an external link referencing on readme.rst Change-Id: Ic6406fb9b59ff25f964506675a24334beeaaa738 Signed-off-by: Galanakis, Minos <minos.galanakis@arm.com>
2019-11-26Doc: Restructured readme.rstGalanakis, Minos
This patch converts the readme.rst, placed outside of the documentation directory to a quick reference page, using direct linking for hyperlinks. Doing so would allow cgit to render it properly Contents of the file have been moved to the index.rst.in Change-Id: I6769465561ccaf98957af325103bef8b89b71026 Signed-off-by: Galanakis, Minos <minos.galanakis@arm.com>
2019-10-09Doc: Updated for Version 1.0-RC2TF-Mv1.0-RC2Tamas Ban
This patch updates the documentation landing page (readme.rst) to reflect the latest release (Version 1.0-RC2). * Updated Sphynx documentation version tags * Updated Doxygen documentation version tags * Updated features/capabilities described in readme.rst Change-Id: Ic01b235cf3276d9d0aee6406ca9b57982001c7f0 Signed-off-by: Tamas Ban <tamas.ban@arm.com>
2019-10-04Docs: Align presentation with TF-AGalanakis, Minos
This patch adjusts the index and configuration used for user-guide generation. It is aimed at helping render the documents in a similar fashion to TF-A documentation * A trustedfirmware logo has been set * TF-M abbreviations have been expanded * Menu navigation is now manually sorted * Added license to the table of contents * Disabled collapse_navigation in html_theme_options Change-Id: I1cabff549a7c34bdb5c7a1da81addf3be094b6a5 Signed-off-by: Galanakis, Minos <minos.galanakis@arm.com>
2019-10-04Doc: Updated for Version 1.0-RC1Galanakis, Minos
This patch updates the documentation landing page (readme.rst) to reflect the latest release (Version 1.0-RC1). * Updated Sphynx documentation version tags * Updated Doxygen documentation version tags * Updated features/capabilities described in readme.rst Change-Id: I273127e18b21e1c71feb140215f80a9826c0e0df Signed-off-by: Galanakis, Minos <minos.galanakis@arm.com>
2019-08-06Doc: Updated Document pathsGalanakis, Minos
This patch modifes the documentation in the following ways: * Contributing, glossary and maintainers files, are moved into the the documentation directory * The table of contents in index.rst.in are updated accordingly * Coding_guide, contributing, maintainers and readme documetns, are updated accordingly Change-Id: I40ea47f7f154142f1f02f4492ad53c3533109bb0 Signed-off-by: Galanakis, Minos <minos.galanakis@arm.com>
2019-06-21Platform: Add support for MPS3 AN524 FPGA boardKevin Peng
Details: 1. Adds AN524 platform support files 2. Adds a new target platform to the build system: "AN524" 3. Updates the docs with details for AN524 Change-Id: I7c192e951253dfc72512d73ee5da3f94023a248f Signed-off-by: Kevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>
2019-06-19Docs: Consistently refer to Musca-AJamie Fox
Updates documents to consistently refer to Musca-A, rather than using a mix of Musca-A and Musca-A1. Change-Id: I6f7a9e6afe3475b4a88200f6e56bf4c5507850e4 Signed-off-by: Jamie Fox <jamie.fox@arm.com>
2019-05-03Doc: convert markdown files to rstGyorgy Szing
The official documentation format for TF-M is becoming Restructured Text. This change converts the existing .md files to the new format. Due to support for documentation of external code (/lib) md support is kept. Change-Id: I3c1aef5d22442e0c7c362a40a8d344a266dc0940 Signed-off-by: Gyorgy Szing <Gyorgy.Szing@arm.com>