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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysCrypto: Use NV SEED as default entropy sourceSummer Qin
2021-06-30Test: Add the FLIH test PartitionKevin Peng
2021-06-30Platform: Refine plat_test for AN519 and AN521Kevin Peng
2021-06-30SPM: Remove the IRQ priority in manifestKevin Peng
2021-06-22Test: Refactor IRQ TestingKevin Peng
2021-06-08HAL: Replace the 'idx' input param with 'privileged'Mingyang Sun
2021-05-17Crypto: Fix crypto build warningsSummer Qin
2021-05-08SPM: Add header files for partition static loadMingyang Sun
2021-05-08Crypto: Add support for NV seed entropySummer Qin
2021-04-20SPM: Remove memory data list from templateKen Liu
2021-03-19Platform: Adjust HAL API to fit for FI hardeningTamas Ban
2021-03-19FIH: Add fault injection hardening libraryTamas Ban
2021-02-08SPM: Change partition platform data bindingKen Liu
2021-01-26SPM: Obtain memory info by memory symbolsSummer Qin
2021-01-22Platform: TF-M ITS and PS HALJamie Fox
2021-01-19Platform: Add linker script for LVL1 and LVL2Raef Coles
2021-01-06Platform: Clean deprecated tfm_spm_hal_init_isolation_hw()Mingyang Sun
2020-12-10PSA_proxy: Create first version of PSA proxy partitionMark Horvath
2020-11-04Isolation L3 for AN521 and Musca-B1Kevin Peng
2020-11-04HAL: Add Isolation HAL header fileKevin Peng
2020-11-03ITS: Change type of flash region sizeChris Brand
2020-11-02Platform: Enable multiple data and bss section supportTamas Ban
2020-10-30Crypto: Align with Mbed TLS 2.24Summer Qin
2020-10-27HAL: Fix hal status type definitionMingyang Sun
2020-10-14SPM: Remove unused partition memory infoKen Liu
2020-09-14SPM: make has_access_to_region() compatible with vendor IDAUsIoannis Glaropoulos
2020-09-03ITS/PS: Make file system configuration dynamicChris Brand
2020-08-27HAL: Rename platform init functionSummer Qin
2020-08-27HAL: Rename platform reset functionSummer Qin
2020-08-24HAL: Add HAL definition header fileEdison Ai
2020-08-05Platform: Simplify ARMCLANG - IAR compatibilityTTornblom
2020-06-22Attest: Support kid parameter in COSE_Mac0 structure headerDavid Hu
2020-06-22Attest: Fetch symmetric Initial Attestation KeyDavid Hu
2020-06-12SST: Rename SST(Secure STorage) to PS(Protected Storage)Kevin Peng
2020-06-03Build: Follow the 'source_structure.rst'Ken Liu
2020-05-04Platform: Added a Non-Volatile counters serviceGalanakis, Minos
2020-04-23Build: Major warnings cleanupTTornblom
2020-04-20Attest: Checks device lifecycle max valueTamas Ban
2020-04-20Build: Update to IAR supportTTornblom
2020-04-17Platform: Make some NV counter enums conditionalChris Brand
2020-02-25Build: Add memory protection configurationEdison Ai
2020-02-25Platform: Change the HAL prototype to report statusEdison Ai
2020-01-23Attest: Add attest key id to the COSE headerTamas Ban
2020-01-23Attest: Replace crypto related size definitionsTamas Ban
2020-01-15Platform: Set PPC privilege based on RoT flagsMate Toth-Pal
2020-01-02Platform: Add system reset hal function in SPMEdison Ai
2019-12-05Platform: Add multi-core specific SPM HAL APIs declarationsDavid Hu
2019-11-22Platform: Add SPE platform-specific hw initializationAndrei Narkevitch
2019-11-13plat: add NSPE platform-specific hw initializationAndrei Narkevitch
2019-11-05Platform: Remove function to get HUKJamie Fox