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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 hoursplatform: stm: Add board b_u585i_iot02aMichel Jaouen
8 hoursPlatform: stm: Update bl2 common linker file.Michel Jaouen
8 hoursPlatform: stm: Update low_level_flash for next platform supportMichel Jaouen
8 hoursPlatform: stm: Update Native driverMichel Jaouen
8 hoursPlatform: stm: Refactorizing to preprare stm32u5xx supportMichel Jaouen
3 daysPlatform: Adjust MPU region number for AN521 and AN519Mingyang Sun
3 daysBuild: Use IPC Model to build by defaultKevin Peng
4 daysPlatform: Fix miscalculation of IMAGE_S_CODE_SIZESherry Zhnag
4 daysplatform: nordic_nrf: add non-secure storage partitionDamian Krolik
5 daysPlatform: Diphda: Introduce platform binding HALSatish Kumar
5 daysPlatform: PSOC64: Introduce platform binding HALShawn Shan
5 daysPlatform: STM: Introduce platform binding HALShawn Shan
5 daysPlatform: MUSCA_S1: Introduce platform binding HALShawn Shan
5 daysPlatform: MUSCA_B1: Introduce platform binding HALShawn Shan
5 daysPlatform: AN524: Introduce platform binding HALShawn Shan
5 daysPlatform: AN519: Introduce platform binding HALShawn Shan
5 daysPlaform: AN521: Introduce platform binding HALKen Liu
5 daysPlatform: Remove unused TFM_PERIPHERAL_FPGA_IOShawn Shan
5 daysPlatform: Remove TFM_INTERACTIVE_TESTShawn Shan
5 daysPlatform: Remove TFM_PERIPH_ACCESS_TESTShawn Shan
9 daysSPM: Use Main Stack for initializationKevin Peng
12 daysBoot & FWU: Support unaligned flash write/read on DIPHDASherry Zhnag
13 daysBoot & FWU: Support flash write with unaligned address/sizeSherry Zhnag
2021-09-06Build: Simplify TF-M regression test config parseDavid Hu
2021-09-03platform:nrf: Add support for psa-arch-tests Firmware Framework testsAndreas Vibeto
2021-08-31platform/diphda: use the latest tfm_rpc_psa* api declarationsSatish Kumar
2021-08-23Tools: Remove test service specific manifest list contentDavid Hu
2021-08-23Build: Fix PSA Arch test build failure on Musca-B1shejia01
2021-08-20Build: Control single test without TEST_S/TEST_NS [TF-M repo]shejia01
2021-08-12platform: nrf: Fix PSA test scratch areaAndreas Vibeto
2021-08-09Services: Remove the "ffm11" partitionMingyang Sun
2021-08-04Platform: LPCXpresso55s69: Updated NXP SDK drivers to v. 2.10.0MartinaHanusovaNXP
2021-08-04Diphda: Implement and integrate drivers for PMOD SF3 external memory.Satish Kumar
2021-08-04Platform diphda: Add OpenAMPSatish Kumar
2021-08-04Platform: Add diphda platformMark Horvath
2021-08-02platform: nordic: Fix build error in configurations without BL2Andrzej Głąbek
2021-07-29AN547: Fix secure startup fileMark Horvath
2021-07-21Platform: Update STM accelerator for mbedtls 3.0Raef Coles
2021-07-21Platform: Expand CMSE_VENEER_REGION_SIZE for musca_b1Summer Qin
2021-07-21Crypto: Use NV SEED as default entropy sourceSummer Qin
2021-07-21Crypto: Align PSA Crypto API to 1.0 versionSummer Qin
2021-07-20Platform: LPCXpresso55s69: Synchronized platform code with NXP SDK portMartinaHanusovaNXP
2021-07-19Platform: Disable FLIH testing by default on AN521Kevin Peng
2021-07-16Platform: stm: Fix for TF-M small profile supportMichel Jaouen
2021-07-16Platform: Add a customized manifest list for Musca-B1Kevin Peng
2021-07-16Platform: Enable IRQ testing on some platforms by defaultKevin Peng
2021-07-16Platform: Musca-B1: Enable Test SLIH on isolation L2 & 3Kevin Peng
2021-07-16PsoC64: Make some functions staticChris Brand
2021-07-16Docs: update NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q builds to use TFM_TOOLCHAIN_FILEAbbas Bracken Ziad
2021-07-13Docs: Move design documents into a dedicated folderDavid Hu