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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysSPM: Use Main Stack for initializationKevin Peng
2021-07-21Crypto: Use NV SEED as default entropy sourceSummer Qin
2021-07-21Crypto: Align PSA Crypto API to 1.0 versionSummer Qin
2021-06-30SPM: Add partition runtime region in the linkerKen Liu
2021-06-24Build: Rename ER_CODE_CMSE_VENEER with CMSE_VENEERXinyu Zhang
2021-06-18Platform: Only put TF-M code to ER_TFM_CODEXinyu Zhang
2021-06-08SPM: Rename 'static_info' to 'load_info'Mingyang Sun
2021-06-07SPM: Add partition runtime region in the linker (IAR)TTornblom
2021-06-03Build: Minor fix for syntax errors in IAR linker scriptTTornblom
2021-06-02Attest: Remove initial attestation get public key API functionDavid Hu
2021-05-20SPM: Rename 'static info' into 'load info'Ken Liu
2021-05-20SPM: Convert SVC number to uint8_tKevin Peng
2021-05-17Crypto: Fix crypto build warningsSummer Qin
2021-05-08Build: Build and arrange partition static dataMingyang Sun
2021-05-08Crypto: Add support for NV seed entropySummer Qin
2021-03-05Build: PSoC64: Move RAM_VECTORS & RFM_RAM_CODE to the beginning (IAR)TTornblom
2021-01-26SPM: Obtain memory info by memory symbolsSummer Qin
2021-01-26Tools: Naming refine: manifest -> partitionKevin Peng
2021-01-22Platform: TF-M ITS and PS HALJamie Fox
2021-01-21SPRTL: Partition Metadata Pointer [Optional Feature]Summer Qin
2021-01-19Platform: Add linker script for LVL1 and LVL2Raef Coles
2021-01-15SPM: Provide an SVC entrance for the unprivileged logShawn Shan
2021-01-07SPRTL: Add log API for Secure PartitionsSummer Qin
2021-01-05Platform: Remove 'TFM_UNPRIV_DATA' sectionKen Liu
2020-12-29Build: Apply global array as partition stacks [tf-m]Ken Liu
2020-12-17Platform: Place global variables in shared code to dedicated sectionTamas Ban
2020-12-10PSA_proxy: Create first version of PSA proxy partitionMark Horvath
2020-12-10Platform: Make possible to set flash device for NV countersMark Horvath
2020-11-27Build: Minor fix in the scatter loader fileKen Liu
2020-11-18Platform: Fix IAR linker file for level 2 supportMichel Jaouen
2020-11-18Build: Fix SPRTL static library nameMingyang Sun
2020-11-04Isolation L3 for AN521 and Musca-B1Kevin Peng
2020-11-04Platform: Implementation of isolation HAL APIMingyang Sun
2020-11-03Platform: Cleanup and simplification of IAR link scriptsTTornblom
2020-11-03ITS: Change type of flash region sizeChris Brand
2020-11-03SPM: Implement SPM log functions.Shawn Shan
2020-10-30PSoC64: enable VTOR relocation to RAM (CM0P)Andrei Narkevitch
2020-10-30Crypto: Align with Mbed TLS 2.24Summer Qin
2020-10-27Platform: Rework dummy crypto_key and tfm_rotpk to fix unresolved atMichel Jaouen
2020-10-23SPM: Update log parameter to 'char *'Shawn Shan
2020-10-16Stack_seal_mitigation: Seal the PSP stacks for Library mode.Soby Mathew
2020-09-24Build: Add IAR support to new build systemTTornblom
2020-09-24Build: Convert platform dir to modern cmakeRaef Coles
2020-09-03ITS/PS: Make file system configuration dynamicChris Brand
2020-08-28SPM: Add header file for SPM log systemShawn Shan
2020-08-27HAL: Rename platform init functionSummer Qin
2020-08-27HAL: Rename platform reset functionSummer Qin
2020-08-13Boot : Fix boot_platform_quitMichel Jaouen
2020-08-12Test: Simplify dual-cpu lightweight NS multi-thread testDavid Hu
2020-08-06Crypto: Add a Mbed Crypto config file for Profile MediumDavid Hu