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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
34 hoursplat_test: Remove dead code 'initialize'Sebastian Bøe
2 daysPlatform: AN547: Update readmeMark Horvath
3 daysPSoC: Fix build error with ARMCLANGChris Brand
3 daysCMSIS: Fix IAR default stack nameMichel Jaouen
3 daysBuild: Fix IAR compilation Error.Michel Jaouen
3 daysPlatform: Remove NXP HUK derivation codeRaef Coles
3 daysBuild: Fix wrong flag Name CRYPTO_HW_ACCLERATOR in crypto back end.Michel Jaouen
3 daysDiphda/FVP: Implement flash drivers for 32mb and 8mbArpita S.K
3 daysBuild: variable to differentiate FVP and FPGA buildSatish Kumar
3 daysDiphda: Implement TF-M Isolation Level 2Satish Kumar
3 daysDiphda: Verify and load host BL2 (TF-A)Satish Kumar
3 daysDiphda: Release host cpu in aarch64 modeSatish Kumar
3 daysDiphda: add uinitialized api to the PMOD flashSatish Kumar
4 daysPlatform: AN547: Fix build errorKen Liu
5 daysBuild: Fix compile error in -DBL2=0Sherry Zhang
6 daysPlatform: Fix nucleo_l552ze_q flash layoutRaef Coles
6 daysCMSIS: Update to CMSIS v5.8.0Gerda Zsejke More
9 daysPlatform: AN547: Introduce platform binding HALFeder Liang
10 daysPsoC64: Fix missed removal of switch to PSP in ARMClang startup.sAlexander Moore
10 daysPlatform: Update Diphda BL1 cmakeRaef Coles
10 daysCC312: Add CC312 OTP HAL implementationRaef Coles
10 daysBuild: Rename platform configuration variablesRaef Coles
10 daysPlatform: Use OTP as backing for crypto keysRaef Coles
10 daysPlatform: Use OTP as backing for attestation dataRaef Coles
10 daysPlatform: Use OTP as backing for NV seedRaef Coles
10 daysPlatform: Update default NV counter implementationRaef Coles
10 daysPlatform: Add provisioning api and implementationRaef Coles
10 daysPlatform: Add OTP api and flash implementationRaef Coles
10 daysPlatform: Allocate space in flash for OTPRaef Coles
11 daysPlatform: STM: Fix PKCS#1 v2.1 RSAES-PKCS1-V1_5-ENCRYPT functionAntonio de Angelis
12 daysPlatform: Do not switch to unprivileged mode for IARTTornblom
12 daysPlatform: Add IAR support for Musca B1TTornblom
12 daysPlatform: Add IAR support for Musca S1TTornblom
13 daysPlatform: Nordic: Configure WDT to be secure for PSA testsAndreas Vibeto
14 daysPlatform: Add missing tfm_hal_nvic.c file to stm32u5xx CMakeLists.txtPaul Bartell
2021-10-03Platform: Update the psa-arch-test interrupt codeKen Liu
2021-10-03Platform: LPCXpresso55s69: Introduce platform binding HALMartinaHanusovaNXP
2021-10-01Platform: Fix missing source items in cmake fileKen Liu
2021-09-29SPM: New IRQ init and handler integration approachKevin Peng
2021-09-28HAL: Migrate legacy interrupt API to new HAL APIKevin Peng
2021-09-27Platform: Disable SECURE_UART1 on 5340/9160 in preloadGeorgios Vasilakis
2021-09-24platform: Fix GNUARM common linker file.Michel Jaouen
2021-09-22CC312: Move target config into target dirRaef Coles
2021-09-22Platform: Fix some outdated commentsShawn Shan
2021-09-22Platform: Fix compile error on lpcxpression55s69 in no bl2Sherry Zhang
2021-09-21platform: stm: Add board b_u585i_iot02aMichel Jaouen
2021-09-21Platform: stm: Update bl2 common linker file.Michel Jaouen
2021-09-21Platform: stm: Update low_level_flash for next platform supportMichel Jaouen
2021-09-21Platform: stm: Update Native driverMichel Jaouen
2021-09-21Platform: stm: Refactorizing to preprare stm32u5xx supportMichel Jaouen