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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-01Build: Only get mcuboot code if we need itChris Brand
2020-09-30Build: Update MCUboot versionTamas Ban
2020-09-30Build: Fix MCUboot git tagTamas Ban
2020-09-24Build: Add IAR support to new build systemTTornblom
2020-09-24Build: Convert lib dir to modern cmakeRaef Coles
2020-09-24Build: Convert CC312 buildsystem to modern cmakeRaef Coles
2020-08-21Crypto: migrate support to MbedTLS v2.23.0Soby Mathew
2020-07-22Build: Compile the cc312 driver for Cortex-M0+ host processorVishnu Banavath
2020-07-17Build: fix configuration issue with CC312 makefileRaef Coles
2020-07-08Docs: Update TF-M path in t_cose and CC312 lib documentationTamas Ban
2020-07-03Platform: Fix MRAM crypto key area in Musca-S1TF-Mv1.1-RC2Balint Matyi
2020-06-22COSE: Implement Short Circuit option in COSE_Mac0David Hu
2020-06-22Test: Enable symmetric Initial Attestation decodingDavid Hu
2020-06-22COSE: Add verification routine of COSE_Mac0David Hu
2020-06-22Build: Skip T_COSE test cases when ENABLE_T_COSE_TESTS is OFFDavid Hu
2020-06-22COSE: Add COSE_Mac0 support in t_cose libraryDavid Hu
2020-06-02Platform: Disallow repeated provisioning on Musca-S1Balint Matyi
2020-04-28Platform: Get LCS manually on Musca-S1 based on eMRAMBalint Matyi
2020-04-28Platform: Use crypto keys from eMRAM on Musca-S1Balint Matyi
2020-04-28Platform: Copy crypto keys to eMRAM on Musca-S1Balint Matyi
2020-04-23Build: Major warnings cleanupTTornblom
2020-04-23Build: Added support for IAR toolchain to psoc64TTornblom
2020-04-15COSE: Fix call to check_critical_labels()Chris Brand
2020-04-15QCBOR: Avoid apparent null pointer dereferenceChris Brand
2020-04-03Attest: fix typo - ATTEST_TOKEN_ERR_CBOR_TYPEAlamy Liu
2020-04-03Build: Only pass -mcmse switch for secure compilesMate Toth-Pal
2020-02-24Crypto: Align to Mbed Crypto 3.0.1Antonio de Angelis
2020-02-05QCBOR: Quiet static analyzers; add bigfloat support; documentation improvementsLaurence Lundblade
2020-01-28COSE: 1) Test key slot leak fix, 2) Test feature disable fixLaurence Lundblade
2020-01-24Doc: Minor documentation fixesGalanakis, Minos
2020-01-23COSE: Remove old COSE libraryTamas Ban
2020-01-23Attest: Refine compile time build optionsTamas Ban
2020-01-23Build: Compile QCBOR test suite togheter with the libraryTamas Ban
2020-01-23COSE: Rename test executor functionTamas Ban
2020-01-23Build: Add new version of COSE library to TF-M buildTamas Ban
2020-01-23COSE: Improve PSA crypto adapterLaurence Lundblade
2020-01-23COSE: Full independent implementation of RFC 8152 COSE_Sign1 messagesLaurence Lundblade
2020-01-23QCBOR: Improve handling of end of data and error; add indefinite length encodingLaurence Lundblade
2019-12-24Test: Add optional include of test suitesKevin Peng
2019-12-13CC312: Fix Windows buildGyorgy Szing
2019-11-28CC312: Support out-of-tree build for CC312Raef Coles
2019-11-28CC312: Fix CRT parameter generation in CC312 libRaef Coles
2019-11-28CC312: Make public LCS and ROTPK getter functionsTamas Ban
2019-11-28CC312: Fork CC312 runtime library inside tf-mDavid Vincze
2019-11-05Platform: Use PSA ECC ID for attestation keyRaef Coles
2019-11-05Attest: Refactor COSE key parameter creationRaef Coles
2019-11-05Attest: Add key selection and modify key loadingRaef Coles
2019-09-23Build: Fix t_cose CMakeList.txtTamas Ban
2019-09-23Build: Split QCBOR to encode and decode libraryTamas Ban
2019-09-23Attest: Remove key-id from token headerTamas Ban