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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-12SST: Rename SST(Secure STorage) to PS(Protected Storage)Kevin Peng
2020-06-09crypto: decouple the PSA Crypto interface from TF-M flagsSoby Mathew
2020-06-03Build: Follow the 'source_structure.rst'Ken Liu
2020-05-15Crypto: Import additional macros from crypto_extra.h in mbedcryptoSoby Mathew
2020-05-04Platform: Added a Non-Volatile counters serviceGalanakis, Minos
2020-04-20Core: Remove memory permission check APIJamie Fox
2020-04-03Interface: Remove unused header includeDevaraj Ranganna
2020-04-01App: Clarify the initial_count parameter in semaphore creation APIDavid Hu
2020-02-25Core: Add lifecycle APIShawn Shan
2020-02-24Crypto: Introduce declarations for deprecated PSA APIsSoby Mathew
2020-02-24Crypto: Align to Mbed Crypto 3.0.1Antonio de Angelis
2020-02-20Dualcpu: Add NS mailbox statistics functionalitiesDavid Hu
2020-02-20Test: Light test for multi-core multiple outstanding NS PSA Client callsDavid Hu
2020-02-20Test: Add a Secure Partition for multi-core testDavid Hu
2020-02-19SST: Implement PSA Protected Storage 1.0Galanakis, Minos
2020-02-19Interface: Update PSA Protected Storage header commentsMinos Galanakis
2020-02-19Interface: Update PSA Protected Storage headerJamie Fox
2020-02-19Attest: Align interface to PSA API 1.0Raef Coles
2020-02-19Attest: Introduce PSA error codesRaef Coles
2020-02-14App: Add event flags set and wait operations for thread synchronizationDavid Hu
2020-02-14Dualcpu: Adjust the definition number of mailbox queue slotsDavid Hu
2020-02-14Dualcpu: Use counting semaphore in TF-M multi-core NS interfaceDavid Hu
2020-02-14Dualcpu: Add general NSPE mailbox wait functionDavid Hu
2020-02-14Dualcpu: Add NS mailbox functions to handle reply in IRQ handlerDavid Hu
2020-02-14Dualcpu: Protect NS mailbox critical section in NS IRQ handlerDavid Hu
2020-02-14Dualcpu: Set mailbox message owner in NS mailbox queue slotDavid Hu
2020-01-07Correction of includes for non-system header filesRobert Rostohar
2020-01-03Core: Move PSA API to SPRTLSummer Qin
2020-01-03Core: Apply naked implementation for secure entrySummer Qin
2019-12-30Core: Refine 'logging' and 'assert' symbolsKen Liu
2019-12-30Test: Add an ipc test for psa_callShawn Shan
2019-12-27Crypto: Refine how crypto modules are selectedKevin Peng
2019-12-27Core: Suppress handler mode loggingKen Liu
2019-12-27Interface: TF-M specific log APIMingyang Sun
2019-12-24Build: Add conditional build for secure partitionsKevin Peng
2019-12-20Test: Add Secure Client 2 test partitionJamie Fox
2019-12-06Core: Update parameter packing mechanismSummer Qin
2019-12-06Core: Refine veneer function descriptionSummer Qin
2019-12-04Interface: Enable Platform service in IPC modelMate Toth-Pal
2019-11-29Attest: Implement API to get attestation public keyDavid Vincze
2019-11-29Attest: Extend attestation API to get public keyDavid Vincze
2019-11-29Interface: Apply guard to avoid redefinition errorDavid Vincze
2019-11-25Test: Add SST test partitionJamie Fox
2019-11-22Dualcpu: Add extern "C" keyword in tfm_mailbox.hDavid Hu
2019-11-20Build: Create pid.h fileEdison Ai
2019-11-18Build: Remove conditional gaurding from manifest output filesJaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2019-11-18Build: Align service version convention to PSA FF 1.0Jaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2019-11-11Twincpu: Add NSPE PSA client call interface in multi-core topologyDavid Hu
2019-11-11Twincpu: Add NSPE mailbox implementationDavid Hu
2019-11-11Twincpu: Update NSPE mailbox APIsDavid Hu