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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysAttest: Add DAK Seed as builtin keyRaef Coles
8 daysSPM: Enable MMIO region only when MMIO region existsSherry Zhang
2022-09-13FIH: Re-enable FIH on AN521Xinyu Zhang
2022-09-07Attest: Add ARM_CCA attestation token profileTamas Ban
2022-09-07Attest: Move label definitions to public headerTamas Ban
2022-09-07Attest: Increase PSA_INITIAL_ATTEST_TOKEN_MAX_SIZEDavid Vincze
2022-09-07Attest: Clean-up public headerMaulik Patel
2022-09-07SPM: Add MVE support for GNUARM toolchainGabor Toth
2022-08-07Crypto: Implement PSA builtin keysRaef Coles
2022-07-27Attest: Rename claims according to latest spec versionTamas Ban
2022-07-19Crypto: Update to mbed TLS 3.2.1Antonio de Angelis
2022-07-19Crypto: Further optimize crypto interfaceDavid Hu
2022-07-19Platform: Update platform partition to SFNRaef Coles
2022-07-12RSS: Add RSS comms driverJamie Fox
2022-06-22FWU: Align FWU to FF 1.1Sherry Zhang
2022-06-01Crypto: Refactor the API dispatcher interface to reduce code sizeAntonio de Angelis
2022-04-01SPM: Improvements on connection handle creation and validationKevin Peng
2022-03-15SPM: Add interrupt handling support for SFN backendKevin Peng
2022-03-09Tools: Simply manifest templatesKevin Peng
2022-03-01FWU: Optimize the RAM cost in FWU partitionSherry Zhang
2022-02-25Build: Add configuration for doorbell APIsKevin Peng
2022-02-15SPM: Add build config for FF-M interrupt APIsMingyang Sun
2022-02-11Tools: Generate SPM configurations in scriptKevin Peng
2022-02-09Crypto: Rename SFN/Secure Function termsKevin Peng
2022-02-08Lib Model: Fix the build issues for Library ModelKevin Peng
2022-01-26SPM: Add build-time config for optional PSA APIsXinyu Zhang
2022-01-24Dualcpu: Fix struct ns_mailbox_queue_tChris Brand
2022-01-20SPM: Enable FP usage in NSPE for gnu arm embedded toolchainFeder Liang
2022-01-19SPM: Enhance build control for IPC and SFN modelsSherry Zhang
2022-01-19Dualcpu: Refine NS mailbox header filesDavid Hu
2022-01-18Crypto: Add frontend support for multipart AEAD APIsAntonio de Angelis
2022-01-18Tools: Use dictionary to manage partition statisticsXinyu Zhang
2022-01-12Crypto: Upgrade Mbed TLS to v3.1.0Summer Qin
2021-12-31SPM: Rename 'thread call' with 'cross call'Xinyu Zhang
2021-12-28Interface: Remove the included header file in config_impl.hShawn Shan
2021-12-22SPM: Support the MMIOVEC feature for the SFN modelShawn Shan
2021-12-01SPM: Add invalid check for FP support if SFN model is enabledFeder Liang
2021-11-26Allow any PID in pid.hChris Brand
2021-11-17SPM: Add runtime SFN backendKen Liu
2021-11-16Interface: Improvements on framework_featureKevin Peng
2021-11-15Interface: Introduce framework feature availabilityKevin Peng
2021-11-15SPM: Implement MM-IOVEC Secure Partition APIShawn Shan
2021-11-12SPM: Use global variables as ns agent stackMingyang Sun
2021-11-11Tools: Remove condition check in templatesKevin Peng
2021-11-05Tool: Calculate total size of stacks for SFN backendMingyang Sun
2021-10-29HAL: Remove unused LOG functionsShawn Shan
2021-10-27SPM: PSA API working under Thread mode when level 1Ken Liu
2021-10-25SPM: Enable NSPE managing client_idSherry Zhnag
2021-10-25SPM: Add Non-secure Client extension supportDavid Wang
2021-10-24SPM: Fix psa-arch-test partition build issueKen Liu