path: root/interface/CMakeLists.txt
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-29Interface: Remove NS RTOS specific implementationDavid Hu
2021-01-22Build: Improve NS mailbox config flag settingDavid Hu
2021-01-22Build: Improve the setting of number of mailbox queue slotsDavid Hu
2021-01-22Dualcpu: Move dual-cpu NS files into a dedicated folderDavid Hu
2021-01-21SPRTL: Partition Metadata Pointer [Optional Feature]Summer Qin
2021-01-06Build: Put CONFIG_TFM_ENABLE_MEMORY_PROTECT flag to platformMingyang Sun
2020-12-28Build: Skip building platform_ns when NS app is not selectedDavid Hu
2020-12-28Build: Move psa_ns_api build to NS sideDavid Hu
2020-12-10Platform: Add support to forward PSA msg in Musca-B1Mark Horvath
2020-12-10PSA_proxy: Create first version of PSA proxy partitionMark Horvath
2020-11-17Build: Enable CONFIG_TFM_ENABLE_MEMORY_PROTECT for PSA FF testMingyang Sun
2020-11-03Build: Fix missing compiler reload for NSRaef Coles
2020-11-03Build: Refactor toolchain filesRaef Coles
2020-10-23Build: Change NS log from interface to test log systemKevin Peng
2020-10-21Build: Renable dual-cpu multiple PSA client call featureDavid Hu
2020-09-24Build: Convert interface dir to modern cmakeRaef Coles