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2021-02-08SPM: Change partition platform data bindingKen Liu
2021-02-05SPM: Refine list operationsfeature-fihKen Liu
2021-02-05Docs: Add design proposal against physical attacks in TF-MTamas Ban
2021-02-05Docs: Update mailbox design documentDavid Hu
2021-01-26Tools: Naming refine: manifest -> partitionKevin Peng
2021-01-25SPM: Rename 'spm/common' into 'spm/ffm'Ken Liu
2021-01-22Docs: Design of the ITS and PS HAL APIsEdison Ai
2021-01-22Docs: Update dual-cpu documentsDavid Hu
2020-12-22Dualcpu: Execute memory access check in privileged levelDavid Hu
2020-12-17Docs: Create a design proposal for code sharingTamas Ban
2020-12-10Docs: Add Secure Enclave design docMark Horvath
2020-11-23Docs: Fixed minor warnings in documentationMinos Galanakis
2020-11-18Build: Fix SPRTL static library nameMingyang Sun
2020-11-04Docs: Design of the TF-M platform HALEdison Ai
2020-11-04Docs: Firmware Framework Isolation DesignKen Liu
2020-11-04Docs: Design of the TF-M isolation HALedison.ai
2020-11-03Docs: Updating references to DS-5, and other contentMinos Galanakis
2020-11-03Build: Refactor toolchain filesRaef Coles
2020-11-03SPM: Add a log level to support output ERROR logShawn Shan
2020-10-27HAL: Fix hal status type definitionMingyang Sun
2020-10-22Docs: Update the design document of SPM logShawn Shan
2020-10-21Docs: Design of the TF-M log HALEdison Ai
2020-10-16SPM: Unify exception priority setting codeKen Liu
2020-09-24Docs: Update for new build systemAnton Komlev
2020-09-23Docs: Added an index files for profiles folderMinos Galanakis
2020-09-23Docs: Added information on IRQ implementationsBoris Deletic
2020-09-03Docs: Update overall HAL designKevin Peng
2020-09-02Docs: Update source structure for 'spm/common'Summer Qin
2020-08-24Docs: Define tfm_hal_status_t as enum in HALSummer Qin
2020-08-13Docs: Update docs to reflect migration of test and appKevin Peng
2020-08-10Docs: TF-M log system design documentShawn Shan
2020-08-10Docs: Design of the TF-M HAL overviewEdison Ai
2020-08-04Docs: Rename folders for IPC and library modelKen Liu
2020-07-29Docs: Create a dedicated sub-folder for TF-M ProfilesDavid Hu
2020-07-29Docs: Profile Medium design documentDavid Hu
2020-07-28Docs: Correct some spelling errorEdison Ai
2020-07-14Docs: Structure - 'include' folder renaming etcKen Liu
2020-06-23Build: Disable RAM FS by defaultJamie Fox
2020-06-22Configs: Enable PSA key derivation in Profile SmallDavid Hu
2020-06-19Docs: Restructuring and new layoutMinos Galanakis
2020-06-12SST: Rename SST(Secure STorage) to PS(Protected Storage)Kevin Peng
2020-06-05Docs: Update path 'services' to 'partitions'Ken Liu
2020-05-29Docs: The Source StructureKen Liu
2020-05-22Docs: Design of symmetric key algorithm based Initial AttestationDavid Hu
2020-05-13Docs: TF-M Profile Small design documentDavid Hu
2020-04-29Docs: Move design documents from wiki to sourceMate Toth-Pal
2020-04-22Core: Move library model SPM code to 'spm' folderMingyang Sun
2020-04-16Docs: Update SPRTL design documentKen Liu
2020-03-19Docs: Update Crypto docsJamie Fox
2020-02-24Crypto: Align to Mbed Crypto 3.0.1Antonio de Angelis