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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 hoursBuild: Update the tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
11 hourspartitions: crypto: introduce option to disable RNG independent of key deriva...Ioannis Glaropoulos
7 daysBuild: Check whether ITS partition is ON when PS partition is enabledSherry Zhang
9 daysProfiles: Optimize Crypto memory footprint in Profile SmallDavid Hu
10 daysBuild: Update tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
10 daysAttest: Support to retrieve Initial Attestation public key in runtimeDavid Hu
13 daysPlatform: Add arm folder for arm platformsSummer Qin
13 daysBoot & FWU: Add support of reverting mechanism in DIRECT_XIP modeSherry Zhang
2021-06-02Build: Update tf-m-tests commitDavid Hu
2021-05-27Build: Update tf-m-tests commit versionDavid Hu
2021-05-26Build: Update the default version of tf-m-tests repoSherry Zhang
2021-05-26Build: Update the MCUboot repo versionSherry Zhang
2021-05-25Build: Update the psa-arch-tests repo versionShawn Shan
2021-05-25Build: Update the default version of tf-m-tests repoSherry Zhang
2021-05-25FWU: Disable the FWU secure test suites by defaultSherry Zhang
2021-05-21Crypto: Key derivation module switch updateSummer Qin
2021-05-21Profiles: Update Profile Medium document and default configsDavid Hu
2021-05-21Crypto: Refine asymmetric cryptographic control flagsDavid Hu
2021-05-20Build: Update the default version of tf-m-tests repoXinyu Zhang
2021-05-19Build: Update the default version of tf-m-tests repoSherry Zhang
2021-05-19FWU: Make setting the bootloader used in FWU simplerSherry Zhang
2021-05-18Build: Update psa-arch-tests repo versionLingkai Dong
2021-05-17Crypto: Upgrade MbedTLS to 2.26Maulik Patel
2021-05-17mcuboot: make mbedcrypto config file configurableIoannis Glaropoulos
2021-05-11Build: Update test repo versionXinyu Zhang
2021-05-10Build: Update test repo versionMingyang Sun
2021-05-08Crypto: Add support for NV seed entropySummer Qin
2021-04-29Config: Update tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
2021-03-30Platform: Move PSA IPC test data from mram to sram on Musca_s1Salome Thirot
2021-03-29Build: Bump up test repo version to 1.3.0-RC1TF-Mv1.3.0-RC2Kevin Peng
2021-03-29Build: Add a config check against IPC model and TF-M audit logDavid Hu
2021-03-22SPM: Add error inspection for fatal errors (exceptions)Øyvind Rønningstad
2021-03-22Service: Create an example FF-M v1.1 partitionMingyang Sun
2021-03-19Build: Fix MCUboot image dependency checkingRaef Coles
2021-03-19Config: Add Profile Large default config fileDavid Hu
2021-03-19FIH: Add fault injection hardening libraryTamas Ban
2021-03-19FWU: Add FWU regression test configurationsSherry Zhang
2021-03-19FWU: Add the IPC model supportSherry Zhang
2021-03-19FWU: Add Firmware Update partitionSherry Zhang
2021-03-18Build: Update mcuboot tag to 1.7.2Sherry Zhang
2021-03-17Build: Check that TEST_PSA_API=="IPC" when SUITE=="IPC"Øyvind Rønningstad
2021-03-17Crypto: Upgrade Mbed TLS to 2.25Maulik Patel
2021-03-12platform: stm32l562e_dk: add level 3 isolation supportMichel Jaouen
2021-03-12TZ: Add configuration switch for PXNSummer Qin
2021-03-05Platform: Add Musca_s1 support for PSA IPC test suiteSalome Thirot
2021-02-16Build: Add Cmake argument MBEDCRYPTO_GIT_REMOTEØyvind Rønningstad
2021-02-05Build: Update the tf-m-tests commit IDDavid Hu
2021-02-05Build: Update tf-m-tests commit IDDavid Hu
2021-02-02Build: re-add missing crypto module configHåkon Øye Amundsen
2021-01-30Build: Support passing absolute paths to TFM_PLATFORMØyvind Rønningstad