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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysBuild: Use IPC Model to build by defaultKevin Peng
6 daysBuild: Move MCUboot configs to bl2 specific config fileshejia01
8 daysBuild: Clean tf-m-tests configurations in TF-M repo [TF-M repo]shejia01
2021-09-07SPM: Refine TF-M secure log controlDavid Hu
2021-09-07Build: Decouple tf-m-tests config setting from TF-M repoDavid Hu
2021-09-07Test: Pick up ECDH test fixAntonio de Angelis
2021-09-06QCBOR: Moving QCBOR util to attest test suitesMaulik Patel
2021-09-06Build: Simplify TF-M regression test config parseDavid Hu
2021-09-02Test: Support ECB cryptography modeAbbas Bracken Ziad
2021-08-31Test: Support OFB cryptography modeAbbas Bracken Ziad
2021-08-23Build: Update tf-m-tests commitDavid Hu
2021-08-23Tools: Support out-of-tree secure partition buildDavid Hu
2021-08-20Build: Update tf-m-tests default commitshejia01
2021-08-20Build: Move tf-m-tests repo's configurations to TF-M reposhejia01
2021-08-20Build: Update tf-m-tests default commitshejia01
2021-08-20Build: Control single test without TEST_S/TEST_NS [TF-M repo]shejia01
2021-08-17Build : Update tf-m-tests repo versionShawn Shan
2021-08-13Crypto: Remove TF-M Crypto service key handle arrayDavid Hu
2021-08-12Build : Update tf-m-tests repo versionShawn Shan
2021-08-11Build : Update tf-m-tests repo versionMingyang Sun
2021-08-09Build: Update tf-m-tests repo versionMingyang Sun
2021-08-09Services: Remove the "ffm11" partitionMingyang Sun
2021-08-04Dualcpu: Platform specific communication optionMark Horvath
2021-08-04Build: Make possible to overwrite BL2 sourcesMark Horvath
2021-08-02Build: Disable ECDH crypto test for profile smallAntonio de Angelis
2021-08-02Build: Update MCUboot version to use a tagDavid Vincze
2021-07-26Test: Update the psa arch test versionTF-Mv1.4.0-RC2Summer Qin
2021-07-26Crypto: Add config checkSummer Qin
2021-07-21Test: Update the tfm test versionTF-Mv1.4.0-RC1Summer Qin
2021-07-21Crypto: Use NV SEED as default entropy sourceSummer Qin
2021-07-21Crypto: Upgrade mbedtls to v3.0.0Summer Qin
2021-07-20Boot: Update MCUboot to version 4f80913Sherry Zhang
2021-07-16Build: Allow customized manifest listsKevin Peng
2021-07-16Update Version of Test RepoXinyu Zhang
2021-07-16Build: Add config check for FLIH TestingKevin Peng
2021-07-15Build: Update tf-m-tests default commitshejia01
2021-07-01Test: Bump up test repo version for FLIH testKevin Peng
2021-06-30Test: Add the FLIH test PartitionKevin Peng
2021-06-30Platform: Refine plat_test for AN519 and AN521Kevin Peng
2021-06-28Build: Update tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
2021-06-28Crypto: Add a config CRYPTO_KEY_ID_ENCODES_OWNERDavid Hu
2021-06-22Build: Bump-up version of tf-m-tests repoKevin Peng
2021-06-22Test: Refactor IRQ TestingKevin Peng
2021-06-17Build: Update the tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
2021-06-17partitions: crypto: introduce option to disable RNG independent of key deriva...Ioannis Glaropoulos
2021-06-11Build: Check whether ITS partition is ON when PS partition is enabledSherry Zhang
2021-06-08Profiles: Optimize Crypto memory footprint in Profile SmallDavid Hu
2021-06-07Build: Update tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
2021-06-07Attest: Support to retrieve Initial Attestation public key in runtimeDavid Hu
2021-06-04Platform: Add arm folder for arm platformsSummer Qin