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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-09Doc: Updated for Version 1.0-RC2TF-Mv1.0-RC2Tamas Ban
2019-10-04Doc: Updated for Version 1.0-RC1Galanakis, Minos
2019-09-26Build: Add support of Cortex-M0plus and Cortex-M4 in GNUARMDavid Hu
2019-09-26Core: Add support for Cortex-M0plus and Cortex-M4Ashutosh Singh
2019-09-20Twincpu: Support building multi-core TF-M in a single building executionDavid Hu
2019-09-04Build: Fix pdf document buildGyorgy Szing
2019-08-28Build: Fix linker and preprocess define in cmakeDavid Vincze
2019-08-28Build: Reorganize BL2 configuration in cmakeDavid Vincze
2019-08-28Build: Fix Sphinx version checkVikas Katariya
2019-08-05Build: Add support for GNUARM 8.3.1Antonio de Angelis
2019-07-31Build: Fix missing Cmake command win_fix_dir_sepTudorCretu
2019-07-19Build: Add DWARF versionEdison Ai
2019-07-01Doc: add design proposal process documentation.Gyorgy Szing
2019-06-26Build: define NDEBUG for Relwithdebinfo buildsMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-26T398: Source cleanup for tool chain integrationTTornblom
2019-06-21Build: Enable nested macros for image scriptSverteczky, Marcell
2019-06-21Build: Move configurations into a specified directoryKen Liu
2019-06-18Build: Remove support for Armclang version less than 6.10Antonio de Angelis
2019-06-11Build: Add support for Armclang 6.12Gary Morrison
2019-06-11Build: Fix compiler related cmake variablesSverteczky, Marcell
2019-05-08Build: Fix documentation generation issuesAntonio de Angelis
2019-05-03Build: Make setting GNUARM_PATH explicitly workKumar Gala
2019-05-03Doc: convert markdown files to rstGyorgy Szing
2019-05-02Doc: Add support for Sphinx documentation build.Gyorgy Szing
2019-04-29Build: Set proper response file flag for linkersKen Liu
2019-04-24Fix: armasm debug information missing for debug buildsGyorgy Szing
2019-03-20Fix: address Arm compiler licensing issue.Gyorgy Szing
2019-03-05Doc: added documentation build support.Gyorgy Szing
2018-12-18Build: Add support for GCC 7.3Jamie Fox
2018-12-07Build: Add support for Armclang 6.10 and Armclang 6.11Antonio de Angelis
2018-07-17Platform: get addresses of memory regions based on linker symbolsTamas Ban
2018-07-10Build: Fix linker include in cmakeGabor Kertesz
2018-05-07cmake: Add gcc supportMate Toth-Pal
2018-03-02Build: Add support for armclang 6.9Joakim Bech
2018-02-14Platform: Add support for AN519 FPGAMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-14cmake: Move platform specific parts to platform dirMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-14Platform: Reorganize and rename sse_200_mps2 folderMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-02-09cmake: Add support for Cortex-M23 to build systemMate Toth-Pal
2018-01-17Boot: integrate MCUBoot with TF-M to act as a BL2 bootloaderTamas Ban
2017-12-14Build: Cmake build systemGyorgy Szing