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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-30Build: Find MCUBOOT_REPO only if BL2 is enabledRaymond Ngun
2020-06-24Build: Enable using HW keys with upstream MCUbootDavid Vincze
2020-06-24Build: Enable boot data sharing with UPSTREAMDavid Vincze
2020-06-24Build: Enable HW rollback protection with UPSTREAMDavid Vincze
2020-06-24Boot: Set the default MCUBoot repo to 'UPSTREAM'Balint Matyi
2020-06-22Boot: Add boot_plaftorm_quit to boot_hal templateMichel Jaouen
2020-06-19Build: Create hex and elf files of executablesØyvind Rønningstad
2020-06-15Config: Add stm targets in single entry pointLudovic Barre
2020-06-08Boot: Replace hard-coded image indexDavid Vincze
2020-06-08Boot: Fix misplaced preprocessor directiveDavid Vincze
2020-06-04Boot: Add requirements.txt fileKevin Townsend
2020-06-04Boot: Add byte cast when signing payloadKevin Townsend
2020-05-18Attest: Remove 'INDIVIDUAL_SW_COMPONENTS' supportBalint Matyi
2020-04-30Boot: Fix GNUARM compiler warningTamas Ban
2020-04-23Build: Major warnings cleanupTTornblom
2020-04-23Build: IAR supportTTornblom
2020-04-20Boot: Fix error in preprocessor macroRaef Coles
2020-04-20Boot: Upgrade MCUBoot to v1.5.0Balint Matyi
2020-04-20Build: Move MCUBoot configs from compile time defines to headerBalint Matyi
2020-04-20Build: Update to IAR supportTTornblom
2020-04-03Build: Only pass -mcmse switch for secure compilesMate Toth-Pal
2020-03-11Boot: Remove unnecessary loopDavid Vincze
2020-01-28Platform: Add BL2 platform-specific hw initializationAndrei Narkevitch
2020-01-27Boot: Fix buffer overflow in image sector checkRaef Coles
2020-01-27Build: Enable building TF-M with original MCUBootDavid Vincze
2020-01-27Platform: Rename platform specific MCUBoot macrosDavid Vincze
2020-01-27Boot: Use the same flash_map module as upstream MCUBootDavid Vincze
2020-01-06Add newline terminator at end of C filesRobert Rostohar
2019-12-26Boot: Move logging macros to project specific fileDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Enable overwriting upgrade with 0 size scratchDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Remove unnecessary preprocessor directivesDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Add overflow checks to TLV iteratorDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Synchronize MCUBoot with v1.4.0David Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Introduce new protected TLV formatDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Use TLV iterator everywhereDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Add TLV iterator APIDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Pass image header to LOAD_IMAGE_DATA macroDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Re-apply modifications after code syncDavid Vincze
2019-12-16Boot: Synchronize MCUBoot code baseDavid Vincze
2019-11-29Platform: Generate attestation key and program it to OTP on Musca-B1Xu Yong
2019-11-29Boot: Add OTP provisioning functionality to MCUBootTamas Ban
2019-11-29Boot: Enable CC312 runtime libraryRaef Coles
2019-11-29Boot: Switch boot to use mbed-cryptoRaef Coles
2019-11-05Platform: Use PSA ECC ID for attestation keyRaef Coles
2019-11-05Build: Change CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to ignore caseRaef Coles
2019-10-23Support CMSIS_device_header macro provided in CMSISKevin Peng
2019-10-17Boot: Make MCUBoot logging optionalDavid Vincze
2019-10-17Boot: Add measured boot record TLV to shared areaDavid Vincze
2019-10-17Boot: Add measured boot record TLV to image manifestDavid Vincze
2019-10-08Boot: Provide signer ID even when using HW keysDavid Vincze