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2021-08-04Build: Make possible to overwrite BL2 sourcesMark Horvath
This commit introduces two cmake flags to let a platform overwrite BL2 related implementations created by the TF-M project. - Setting DEFAULT_MCUBOOT_FLASH_MAP to OFF makes possible for a platform to create custom flash map. - Setting DEFAULT_MCUBOOT_SECURITY_COUNTER to OFF makes possible for a platform to use custom security counter mapping. Change-Id: Ib1955e63e78dd5a5a7dff67a49dab1d5d1a06fc1 Signed-off-by: Mark Horvath <mark.horvath@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Satish Kumar <satish.kumar01@arm.com>
2021-07-20Boot: Integrate MCUboot based on mbedtls-3.0.0Sherry Zhang
Change-Id: Ia4150d99c8a4c0f73e94030864bb6baf7e75ef49 Signed-off-by: Sherry Zhang <sherry.zhang2@arm.com>
2021-05-17mcuboot: make mbedcrypto config file configurableIoannis Glaropoulos
Change the mbedtls config file path for mcuboot to being configurable by the user. For that we introduce a new CMake variable, called MCUBOOT_MBEDCRYPTO_CONFIG_PATH. Change-Id: I14701b8301f039f0eb081919a2589bcca7936e8f Signed-off-by: Ioannis Glaropoulos <Ioannis.Glaropoulos@nordicsemi.no>
2021-03-19Boot: Move Mbed TLS configuration file for MCUbootRobert Rostohar
Move the configuration template to a standalone 'config' directory. Enables support for CMSIS-Packs. Avoids that the configuration template from the pack is in the include search path together with other include files from the same 'include' directory. Configuration file is copied to the project and its directory is added to the include search path. Signed-off-by: Robert Rostohar <Robert.Rostohar@arm.com> Change-Id: I39afeafdcbf26e83a73c711cf1ae86e5e2667b1d
2021-03-19FWU: Add Firmware Update partitionSherry Zhang
Firmware Update(FWU) partition provides the functionality of updating firmware images. This patch implemented the partition in Library mode. Change-Id: I736477549b055c64cd8106ad57c3ad7b1b2007ee Signed-off-by: Sherry Zhang <sherry.zhang2@arm.com>
2021-03-12BL2: Validate target access address in flash_map.cSherry Zhang
Before accessing the target access address in flash_area_xxx operation in flash_map.c, check whether the address is within the size of the area. Change-Id: I8a9a5f72b6a0a54b8f100d342c6868d7a8817733 Signed-off-by: Sherry Zhang <sherry.zhang2@arm.com>
2020-12-17Build: Use upstream bootutil cmakeRaef Coles
To allow easier integration of changes to bootutil structure. Also, bump MCUboot version to one where the bootutil cmake is present. Change-Id: I97547480267f69711494b53aee500a4925eb43b7 Signed-off-by: Raef Coles <raef.coles@arm.com>
2020-12-17Build: Add mbedtls patch to help code sharingTamas Ban
Adds a patch file that, when applied to mbedtls, will remove the 'static' keyword from some function pointers related to memory allocation. This allows more functions to be shared between MCUboot and the secure firmware. Signed-off-by: Balint Matyi <Balint.Matyi@arm.com> Change-Id: Ibc6cbb3ab18fccc92a5b8608b9f1ef54c1136d2f
2020-12-17Build: Enable code sharing between bootloader and SPETamas Ban
Add CMake functions to allow sharing regions of code between independently linked binaries. Signed-off-by: Tamas Ban <tamas.ban@arm.com> Change-Id: I6a6132d6c1558b242d8da1dedab14f93a852f81a
2020-11-03Build: Refactor toolchain filesRaef Coles
Change from a CMAKE toolchain file to a TFM toolchain file, avoiding some abuses of the CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE that were used as a workaround for compiler setup. Also add the CROSS_COMPILE variable. Bump cmake required version to 3.15. Change-Id: I0948033045e2d2f34beffa807925fc7375098335 Signed-off-by: Raef Coles <raef.coles@arm.com>
2020-10-30Build: add compat for mbedtls patch upstreamingRaef Coles
Add build options for compatibility with patches being upstreamed to mbedtls. Update header paths in CC312 lib. This keeps compatibility with current patches. Change-Id: I09791019ff6825ec74af95e84a2b27e42dfd20f8 Signed-off-by: Raef Coles <raef.coles@arm.com>
2020-10-29Build: Update IAR cmake files, fix Windows build errorsTTornblom
Fixed regex issue in toolchain_IARARM.cmake, causing Windows build errors Moved --map option from toolchain file to CMakeLists.txt files, like for ARMClang and GNUARM Removed dead code from toolchain_IARARM.cmake Renamed IAR RTX libraries in CMakeLists.txt Signed-off-by: TTornblom <thomas.tornblom@iar.com> Change-Id: I01805f59a5be0ca4cd2bf47f20dd4a8852c1ea54
2020-09-30Boot: Remove forked MCUboot from TF-MBalint Matyi
Remove the generic MCUboot source files from TF-M in order to rely only on upstream MCUboot project as a secure second stage bootloader. At this point all the features from the internal fork are already upstreamed to the original project so from feature point of view the switch is seamless. From now on any new development is going to be directly upstreamed to the original project. Some platform and project specific files and scripts are still kept in the bl2/ext/mcuboot folder to make possible the integration with TF-M project. Signed-off-by: Balint Matyi <Balint.Matyi@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Tamas Ban <Tamas.Ban@arm.com> Change-Id: I261c11383202d02eecff06c21d5c51d6ec8f27ea
2020-09-25Build: Fix minor issues with new buildsystemRaef Coles
Several minor bugfixes: * Add error messages for unsupported generators / compilers * Remove unsupported warning disablement option on IAR * Fix typo in error message Change-Id: I492872d5af5e507d52e2f9f1fbb28f39359349ee Signed-off-by: Raef Coles <raef.coles@arm.com>
2020-09-24Build: Convert bl2 dir to modern cmakeRaef Coles
Alters cmake files inside the bl2 directory. Moves some bl2 files to mirror the directory structure of upstream MCUboot. Renames some of the key files to allow easier programmatic selection. Alters some headers where the include paths have changed. WARNING: This change will not build in isolation, it requires _all_ other cmake changes to successfully build. It is split out only for clarity of changes. Change-Id: I8fe822d982d5e1635fb3176135e33bc3acf9163a Signed-off-by: Raef Coles <raef.coles@arm.com>