path: root/bl2
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysBuild: Move MCUboot configs to bl2 specific config fileshejia01
12 daysFWU: Fix the bug in flash_area_read in flash_map.cSherry Zhnag
13 daysBoot & FWU: Support flash write with unaligned address/sizeSherry Zhnag
2021-08-04Build: Make possible to overwrite BL2 sourcesMark Horvath
2021-07-20Boot: Integrate MCUboot based on mbedtls-3.0.0Sherry Zhang
2021-07-20Boot: Update MCUboot to version 4f80913Sherry Zhang
2021-06-09FWU: Remove obsolete comment.Sherry Zhang
2021-06-04Boot: Add checking build address in DIRECT_XIP strategySherry Zhang
2021-05-17mcuboot: make mbedcrypto config file configurableIoannis Glaropoulos
2021-05-06BOOT: Fix include path for MCUBOOT_FIH_PROFILE HIGNMichel Jaouen
2021-04-22Build: Fix imgtool package path setSherry Zhang
2021-03-19Boot: Move Mbed TLS configuration file for MCUbootRobert Rostohar
2021-03-19Build: Fix MCUboot image dependency checkingRaef Coles
2021-03-19FWU: Add Firmware Update partitionSherry Zhang
2021-03-12BL2: Validate target access address in flash_map.cSherry Zhang
2021-02-23Introduce end-of-line normalizationKevin Peng
2021-01-22Build: Create NS signing layout even if NS build is disabledMark Horvath
2020-12-18Boot: Add multiple flash driver supportMichel Jaouen
2020-12-17Build: Use upstream bootutil cmakeRaef Coles
2020-12-17Build: Extend code sharingBalint Matyi
2020-12-17Build: Add mbedtls patch to help code sharingTamas Ban
2020-12-17Build: Enable code sharing between bootloader and SPETamas Ban
2020-12-10Platform: Add support to forward PSA msg in Musca-B1Mark Horvath
2020-12-10Build: Fix image signing if only S side is builtMark Horvath
2020-11-17Boot: Update MCUboot urlTamas Ban
2020-11-03Build: Refactor toolchain filesRaef Coles
2020-10-30Build: add compat for mbedtls patch upstreamingRaef Coles
2020-10-29Build: Update IAR cmake files, fix Windows build errorsTTornblom
2020-10-28Boot: Add CTR mode support to mbedcrypto configRaef Coles
2020-10-05Boot: Harden critical path against fault attacksTamas Ban
2020-10-02Build: Fix CC312 init skip issue on Musca-B1/S1Tamas Ban
2020-09-30Boot: Rename RAM_LOADING to RAM_LOADTamas Ban
2020-09-30Boot: Remove platform specific code from bl2_main.cDavid Vincze
2020-09-30Boot: Remove forked MCUboot from TF-MBalint Matyi
2020-09-30Boot: Rename NO_SWAP upgrade strategy to DIRECT_XIPTamas Ban
2020-09-25Build: Fix minor issues with new buildsystemRaef Coles
2020-09-24Build: Convert bl2 dir to modern cmakeRaef Coles
2020-08-21Crypto: migrate support to MbedTLS v2.23.0Soby Mathew
2020-08-13Boot : Fix boot_platform_quitMichel Jaouen
2020-07-30Build: Single quotes to double quotes for paramsKen Liu
2020-07-22Boot: Add encrypted image supportBalint Matyi
2020-07-22Boot: Use the PyPI version of imgtoolBalint Matyi
2020-07-22Boot: Use the MCUBoot version of the imgtool.Balint Matyi
2020-06-30Build: Find MCUBOOT_REPO only if BL2 is enabledRaymond Ngun
2020-06-24Build: Enable using HW keys with upstream MCUbootDavid Vincze
2020-06-24Build: Enable boot data sharing with UPSTREAMDavid Vincze
2020-06-24Build: Enable HW rollback protection with UPSTREAMDavid Vincze
2020-06-24Boot: Set the default MCUBoot repo to 'UPSTREAM'Balint Matyi
2020-06-22Boot: Add boot_plaftorm_quit to boot_hal templateMichel Jaouen
2020-06-19Build: Create hex and elf files of executablesØyvind Rønningstad