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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-24Build: Use CMSIS for testing from tf-m-testsKevin Peng
2020-06-24Build: Replace CMSIS_5_DIR with deeper CMSIS_DIRKevin Peng
2020-06-19Build: Create hex and elf files of executablesØyvind Rønningstad
2020-06-12SST: Rename SST(Secure STorage) to PS(Protected Storage)Kevin Peng
2020-06-10App: IAR fix for 8fa3a7b6TTornblom
2020-06-05Platform: Unify NS and secure UART STDOUT implementationKevin Peng
2020-05-14Build: New build option to enable combined build for ITS and PS Arch tests.Vinay Kumar Kotegowder
2020-04-28Platform: add MSPLMT register setting in Non-SecureSherry Zhang
2020-04-23Build: Major warnings cleanupTTornblom
2020-04-10App: Add log message before system StartingKevin Peng
2020-04-03Build: Only pass -mcmse switch for secure compilesMate Toth-Pal
2020-03-12Build: Align PSA_API_TEST_xxx with PSA Arch TestKarl Zhang
2020-02-21Build: Enable linking with PSA FF compliance tests in NS and S ELFJaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2020-02-20Dualcpu: Add NS mailbox statistics functionalitiesDavid Hu
2020-02-14App: Add event flags set and wait operations for thread synchronizationDavid Hu
2020-01-23App: Increase NS test stack sizeTamas Ban
2020-01-07Correction of includes for non-system header filesRobert Rostohar
2019-12-30App: Enhance USART driver interfaceKen Liu
2019-12-30Core: Refine 'logging' and 'assert' symbolsKen Liu
2019-12-27App: Remove stdio retarget in NSMingyang Sun
2019-12-27App: Change printf to tfm_log_printfMingyang Sun
2019-12-24Build: Add conditional build for secure partitionsKevin Peng
2019-12-23Test: Remove Invert testsuiteDavid Hu
2019-12-17Platform: Extract the duplicated identical dummy_device_id.cDavid Hu
2019-12-17Platform: Extract the duplicated identical dummy_boot_seed.cDavid Hu
2019-12-05Core: Add support for ALL_SRC_ASMChris Brand
2019-12-04Interface: Enable Platform service in IPC modelMate Toth-Pal
2019-11-18Build: Align service version convention to PSA FF 1.0Jaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2019-11-13plat: add NSPE platform-specific hw initializationAndrei Narkevitch
2019-11-11Twincpu: Adjust App CMakeLists.txt to support multi-core buildDavid Hu
2019-11-11Twincpu: Add multi-core specific initialization in App main()David Hu
2019-11-11Twincpu: Add NSPE PSA client call interface in multi-core topologyDavid Hu
2019-11-11Twincpu: Add NSPE mailbox implementationDavid Hu
2019-11-07Platform: Remove hardcoded UART baud rate from initMate Toth-Pal
2019-10-07Build: Add support for PSA API tests for ITSJamie Fox
2019-10-07ITS: Implement the top layer of the ITS serviceTudorCretu
2019-09-20Twincpu: Split secure and non-secure test builds for multi-core buildingDavid Hu
2019-09-20Twincpu: Support building multi-core TF-M in a single building executionDavid Hu
2019-09-20Twincpu: Add preprocessor option and configuration TFM_MULTI_CORE_TOPOLOGYDavid Hu
2019-08-28Build: Introduce MCUBOOT_IMAGE_NUMBER switchDavid Vincze
2019-08-28Boot: Replace flash partitioning terminologyDavid Vincze
2019-08-27Build: Move 'secure_fw' out of 'app' build territoryKen Liu
2019-08-19Core: Move headers into 'core/include'Ken Liu
2019-08-16Interface: Split the source files for different modelsKevin Peng
2019-08-12Interface: Refine OS wrapper APIsKevin Peng
2019-08-12Interface: Split os_wrapper to multiple headersKevin Peng
2019-08-12Interface: Make the NS interface functions commonKevin Peng
2019-08-12Interface: Add mutex APIs in the os_wrapperKevin Peng
2019-08-09Test/App: Rename os_wrapper header and implementation filesKevin Peng
2019-07-24Core: PSA APIs alignmentSummer Qin