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39 hoursPlatform: Only put TF-M code to ER_TFM_CODEHEADmasterXinyu Zhang
The ER_TFM_CODE should only pick the real TF-M code, rather than anything that does not match any pattern. Signed-off-by: Xinyu Zhang <xinyu.zhang@arm.com> Change-Id: I13f8dba385c14fed06a4910d48859a25a0b5bd6f
44 hoursBuild MPS3 AN547 with GCCJimmy Brisson
Since this code was written, GCC now compiles for the M55. From what I can tell (by diffing scatter files), the an524 and the an547 have very similar code layout. So the linker scripts used are from the an524. This also includes a note in the documentation about the required gcc version. Change-Id: I365ad3f934956a46756293694a44cca08ea25898 Signed-off-by: Jimmy Brisson <jimmy.brisson@linaro.org>
3 daysPlatform: Fix build of Musca-B1's BL0Mark Horvath
Moving the arm platforms under arm directory broke some include paths for BL0. Change-Id: Ief3cf71afe5700099da1351f6605ffc060b8edde Signed-off-by: Mark Horvath <mark.horvath@arm.com>
3 daysBuild: Update the tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
Update tf-m-tests to align attestation test service changes. Change-Id: I97e36c303674b8c83b5f729007ea6fa1803b8c25 Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
3 dayspartitions: crypto: introduce option to disable RNG independent of key ↵Ioannis Glaropoulos
derivation We introduce a compile-time option to control whether to disable the API for tfm_crypto_generate_random, independent of the key derivation. In addition to that, the above API function is moved into its own source file. The change allows us to disable or enable the random number generation API function independent of whether we disable or enable the key derivation. This introduces some additional flexibility to the user, who can now enable the random number generation API while they can disable the key derivation API family. The change does not introduce behavioral changes. Change-Id: I7306caa38476ff1a67c918ddb9e5780e25cebd27 Signed-off-by: Ioannis Glaropoulos <Ioannis.Glaropoulos@nordicsemi.no>
3 daysSPM: tfm_get_caller_client_id() optimisationAntonio de Angelis
Optimise tfm_get_caller_client_id() secure API for Library model in LEVEL 1. This reduces the number of SVC calls in a workload like the Regression test. Signed-off-by: Antonio de Angelis <antonio.deangelis@arm.com> Change-Id: If0ce614de2a1e37b4da0369661ab2e4c4c179b7c
3 daysSPM: Use SPMLOG_ERRMSG instead of ERROR_MSG macroAntonio de Angelis
The ERROR_MSG() macro is still used through the code although is not defined anymore. Use the SPMLOG_ERRMSG macro instead to provide error message prints. Signed-off-by: Antonio de Angelis <antonio.deangelis@arm.com> Change-Id: If23455e6f008b0ecc471579591c5d1e2e95cdccb
3 daysDocs: Enable Sphinx tabs extensionSummer Qin
Enable the Sphinx tabs extension and fix the 'sphinx-trd-theme' typo. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I18568465804f93e6cd2b71e344a673580cec993b
3 daysDocs: Move build instruction and user guide into technical referenceSummer Qin
Move build instruction document and user guide document from getting started into technical references folder. Rename 'tfm_user_guide.rst' to 'tfm_run_instruction.rst'. This will make the document structure more clear for readers. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I69d46151f2cb97c828c1b82775ffd1af9032ed45
4 daysSPM: Fix build warningsKevin Peng
This patch fixes some build warnings Change-Id: I749f92f7014433afede634771849242a80fc00ff Signed-off-by: Kevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>
4 daysTools: Update manifest parse tools for SFNShawn Shan
Change-Id: I50ea7e21cec5ab39c262827c0b3e15bc2603fce6 Signed-off-by: Shawn Shan <Shawn.Shan@arm.com>
5 daysSPM: Stateless services can be searched by sidMingyang Sun
Stateless services need to be able to be found by SID. This is required in 'psa_connect()' and 'psa_version()' API. Error check order in 'psa_connect()' is also updated: If a stateless service SID is detected, block the connection directly. Change-Id: If5182d72986173eb33ff1af99dff79cb3661f0fe Signed-off-by: Mingyang Sun <mingyang.sun@arm.com>
5 daysTool: Fix default service version settingMingyang Sun
As mentioned in FF-M, if "version" attribute is not specified, default value is "1", if "version_policy" is not specified, default value is "STRICT". Change-Id: Iefc406d966a951e8e827c67abbecdf2522ba2cbb Signed-off-by: Mingyang Sun <mingyang.sun@arm.com>
5 daysBuild: Remove duplicated target source in platform_sXinyu Zhang
According to line 49, attest_hal.c is added twice in target platform_s. Remove this line because this file should only be added when PLATFORM_DUMMY_ATTEST_HAL is enabled. Signed-off-by: Xinyu Zhang <xinyu.zhang@arm.com> Change-Id: Ie4df4763b9473a724eb4267f26b67147022e7639
9 daysDocs: Move tools documents to technical references folderSummer Qin
Move tools documents from getting started to technical references folder. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I8ed8e2fe5c3a9de4afa5ceeb04fbea38562b2f6c
9 daysBuild: Check whether ITS partition is ON when PS partition is enabledSherry Zhang
Currently, the PS partition relies on the ITS partition to access the flash file system. So build time error will happen if ITS partition is not enabled while PS partition is enabled. This commit adds checking the status of the two partitions at configure time. Change-Id: I3d7a30243209a1400524135a81bbc6037ec9d18f Signed-off-by: Sherry Zhang <sherry.zhang2@arm.com>
10 daysplatform: stm: Fix stm32l562e_dk test config with ARMCLANGMichel Jaouen
Change-Id: I7b8946ab6aa1939b130be9ccee618a6d09e17684 Signed-off-by: Michel Jaouen <michel.jaouen@st.com>
10 daysplatform: stm: Extend compiler path to all compiler postbuild scriptMichel Jaouen
It extends and makes the path optional, to keep compatibility with user using default compiler name Change-Id: I848b93940ca40eba0fb19471acc472b4d7b18309 Signed-off-by: Michel Jaouen <michel.jaouen@st.com>
11 daysAttest: Remove unused variablesShawn Shan
The variable 'attest_res' and 'psa_curve' are not used in the function attest_calc_instance_id, remove them. Change-Id: I0e259c29f3fc2c88915ad99c22daf4d639505293 Signed-off-by: Shawn Shan <Shawn.Shan@arm.com>
11 daysSPM: Remove unused functionShawn Shan
The function tfm_spm_partition_get_flags is not used in IPC mode now, remove it. Change-Id: Ia36823367784c0ad827c1c0e228ba2a65d0268e5 Signed-off-by: Shawn Shan <Shawn.Shan@arm.com>
11 daysFWU: Remove obsolete comment.Sherry Zhang
Change-Id: Ifa732eceb06a2248d562f4c68e84b0488e8089db Signed-off-by: Sherry Zhang <sherry.zhang2@arm.com>
12 daysSPM: Add IRQ data in Partition LoadingKevin Peng
This patch: - Adds IRQ load data structure - Moves IRQ data into Partition load info - Moves Interrupt initialization from main() to load api - Updates get_irq_line_for_signal() accordingly - Moves tfm_irq_list.h to Library Model as it is not used by IPC Change-Id: I4945e24bd977ef3d3e472bc58dfa618c3fb2d706 Signed-off-by: Kevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>
12 daysSPM: Invert tfm_spm_check_buffer_access() logicAntonio de Angelis
Invert the logic for the tfm_spm_check_buffer_access() function to conform to "0 means success" and align to other APIs. Refactor the function itself to provide different return codes on error and a default failure return instead of default success. Signed-off-by: Antonio de Angelis <antonio.deangelis@arm.com> Change-Id: I40ef814a472375cdb2c40ac75dd5f605a9eccbfe
12 daysSPM: Rename 'static_info' to 'load_info'Mingyang Sun
Change the static data name to 'load_info' since they are used for loading partition and services. Change-Id: I061c55e570086930a852374207864d0a2fb9c06d Signed-off-by: Mingyang Sun <mingyang.sun@arm.com>
12 daysHAL: Replace the 'idx' input param with 'privileged'Mingyang Sun
In tfm_spm_hal_configure_default_isolation(), a partition index is passed in to query the partition privilege. Change to pass in privilege directly instead of the partition index. Change-Id: Id046431cc8e224a94e83a71564ba2843fabf8ed7 Signed-off-by: Mingyang Sun <mingyang.sun@arm.com>
12 daysProfiles: Optimize Crypto memory footprint in Profile SmallDavid Hu
Optimize the memory footprint required by Crypto service in Profile Small. - Decrease the MAX number of concurrent multi-part operations to 4. - Decrease the heap size used in backend crypto library since asymmetric cryptography is disabled. Change-Id: If1b8d4b6cef098e132bd891a140be278993bf6c2 Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
12 daysCrypto: Change to stateless serviceSummer Qin
Crypto service does not require a client to call to psa_connect() or psa_close(). Instead the service can use a stateless mechanism. Related documents are also updated. Note: Framework version of Crypto partition has been updated to 1.1, but not all features of FF-M 1.1 are implemented now. Change-Id: Iad628667e4b63e809c933fb263734403c6274bf9 Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com>
12 daysplatform: nordic: rearrange veneer placement on builds without BL2Ioannis Glaropoulos
For builds without BL2, or when BL2 will be booting a single combined S and NS image, we force placing the veneers section at the end of the image (position 3), so as not to waste space as a result of the nRF veneer section alignment requirements. For regular builds with BL2 we keep the veneer placement as is (positions 1 or 2 depending on whether PSA_API_TEST_NS is defined). Change-Id: I292f9ec996445b9d7acedd1db24117d9345f3346 Signed-off-by: Ioannis Glaropoulos <Ioannis.Glaropoulos@nordicsemi.no>
13 daysPlatform: Initialize PSA test memory on power-on and pin resetAndreas Vibeto
Initialize the memory area on both power-on and pin reset Only initialize memory from the non-secure application to prevent initializing twice Clear reset register after reading Signed-off-by: Andreas Vibeto <andreas.vibeto@nordicsemi.no> Change-Id: If3aee8d5b31f0a48ec432e3d3f39c029cda3fd7a
13 daysBuild: Update tf-m-tests versionDavid Hu
Change-Id: If1d4ba1aaa706a1a6bbe3651454bfc717b369774 Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
13 daysAttest: Support to retrieve Initial Attestation public key in runtimeDavid Hu
Enable ATTEST_TEST_GET_PUBLIC_KEY flag in Musca-B1 and Musca-S1 with OTP enabled. Add Initial Attestation test service in manifest list. Change-Id: I8e982ee1a7c31548b4e7c74b937e17660cb0e89e Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
13 daysCrypto: Fix Mbed TLS key operation return codeDavid Hu
PSA Crypto API spec requests key operation to return error code PSA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE when the key doesn't exist. However, according to [1], PSA key operation implementation in Mbed TLS returns PSA_ERROR_DOES_NOT_EXIST instead. TF-M currently works normally since TF-M specific key handle check will return PSA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE for a non-existing key, without calling Mbed TLS PSA key operation. Apply the merged Mbed TLS fix to TF-M to prepare for enhancement of TF-M key handle check. [1]: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbedtls/pull/4198 Change-Id: I79dda1c54dc8377afbfaefdf180bb81c7ff99f02 Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
13 daysSPM: Rename SVC numbers to make more senseKen Liu
- 'TFM_SVC_HANDLER_MODE' works for SPM initialization. - 'TFM_SVC_NUMBER_DIVIDER' is actually the end number for thread mode supervisor call. - Define a new name to indicate handler mode SVC number start. Change-Id: I754b3cb62c892e42b439dc12fe2b3efb0ee72709 Signed-off-by: Ken Liu <Ken.Liu@arm.com>
13 daysSPM: Add partition runtime region in the linker (IAR)TTornblom
Update to the IAR linker script for patch #10148 Signed-off-by: TTornblom <thomas.tornblom@iar.com> Change-Id: I142f9305965ddbb7cc7ac45ae9ba269dce7ee587
2021-06-04Docs : adding Documentation for SQUAD dashboardHugo L'Hostis
This patch adds a documentation page for the SQUAD dashboard in tf.org. Signed-off-by: Hugo L'Hostis <hugo.lhostis@arm.com> Change-Id: Ic47926d1a5b04615303955913b8fc7f4a3b5332f
2021-06-04Platform: Add arm folder for arm platformsSummer Qin
Put arm platforms into arm folder and remove some unused cryptocell-312-runtime. It will be convenient for users and developers. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I1187a8f2b18903e531ce28b2d23be251ec1e2b45
2021-06-04Boot & FWU: Add support of reverting mechanism in DIRECT_XIP modeSherry Zhang
After updating the version of MCUBoot, revert mechanism in DIRECT_XIP mode is supported in MCUBoot. This commit adds the support of it in build system and updates the mcuboot based FWU shim layer implementation accordingly. Change-Id: I017d02e4161daee56f54ed3ed09f98ebb9a776e0 Signed-off-by: Sherry Zhang <sherry.zhang2@arm.com>
2021-06-04Boot: Add checking build address in DIRECT_XIP strategySherry Zhang
In DIRECT_XIP MCUboot upgrade strategy, MCUboot checks the image running address if the IMAGE_F_ROM_FIXED flag is set in image header. This commit sets this flag and the target running address in the image header in DIRECT_XIP strategy. Change-Id: I8168e176e8fe47847abca1278bf05de1c1ff6d64 Signed-off-by: Sherry Zhang <sherry.zhang2@arm.com>
2021-06-03platform: stm: pass compiler path to STM32L552 postbuild scriptIoannis Glaropoulos
The STM32 post-build script is passed the compiler full name and path, and we remove the hard-coded call to arm-none-eabi-gcc. The rationale for doing this is to allow the script to work when the compiler application is not in the (default) path, and/or to allow the script to work with other GCC compilers (such as the Zephyr SDK GCC compiler), not only with GMU ARM Embedded. Change-Id: Ie45288002328bc03d0be0f4bbddd384f83741e36 Signed-off-by: Ioannis Glaropoulos <Ioannis.Glaropoulos@nordicsemi.no>
2021-06-03Build: Minor fix for syntax errors in IAR linker scriptTTornblom
Commit f6a78572 introduced a minor fix that contained a couple of syntax errors that prevented linking of the secure image. Signed-off-by: TTornblom <thomas.tornblom@iar.com> Change-Id: Id0f5adae0f3721b758b2adbbf26d2cce1b2199c8
2021-06-03Build: Add a patch to fix PSA API attestation test suite buildDavid Hu
Add a patch to fix the build issue of PSA API attestation test suite after Initial Attestation get public key API is removed. Change-Id: I692fe1772fbc5e46924deb412508ceb4590bcaa8 Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
2021-06-03SPM: Fix load info manifest templateMingyang Sun
Numbers should be represented correctly. Hex number does not have "0x" prefix in template. Change-Id: I334abc0e6ffdd1a7ceb03875f4424298d366c1aa Signed-off-by: Mingyang Sun <mingyang.sun@arm.com>
2021-06-02SPM: Fix warning of discarded qualifiersXinyu Zhang
Fix warning of assignment discards 'const' qualifier from pointer target type Signed-off-by: Xinyu Zhang <xinyu.zhang@arm.com> Change-Id: I71f57d9dd71dc987c6983dc0ef37259927bd6fe8
2021-06-02SPM: Modify codes to pass CI CheckPatchXinyu Zhang
Following errors/warnings are resolved: C99_COMMENTS: do not use C99 // comments CONSTANT_COMPARISON: Comparisons should place the constant on the right side FUNCTION_WITHOUT_ARGS: Bad function definition LINE_CONTINUATIONS: Avoid unnecessary line continuations LINE_SPACING: Missing a blank line after declarations LONG_LINE: line length exceeds 100 columns PREFER_ALIGNED: __aligned(x) is preferred over __attribute__((aligned(x))) PREFER_SECTION: __section(x) is preferred over __attribute__((section(x))) SPACING: space prohibited between function name and open parenthesis '(' SPACING: spaces required around that '=' TYPO_SPELLING: words misspelled Signed-off-by: Xinyu Zhang <xinyu.zhang@arm.com> Change-Id: I0ceefff582c7b70ea86b7080f763c931b758849e
2021-06-02Build: Update tf-m-tests commitDavid Hu
Change-Id: Id9859a00f5b7be0c0fb24724b2dd0c5738682c67 Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
2021-06-02Attest: Remove initial attestation get public key API functionDavid Hu
It is overkill to implement a dedicated secure function for NS to fetch initial attestation public key just for test purpose. Besides, this function to get public key can be confusing as it is not defined in PSA Initial Attestation API spec. Remove get public key secure function from NS and S sides to simplify TF-M initial attestation implementation and interface. Change-Id: I8d0967698e3d2f2c684194caa9a6234585026a71 Signed-off-by: David Hu <david.hu@arm.com>
2021-06-02Move tf_fuzz to tf-m-tools repoKarl Zhang
Delete all tf_fuzz files from tf-m repo. Change-Id: I7d8ad69c783b6ede6792c83903ba4c7789b9563f Signed-off-by: Karl Zhang <karl.zhang@arm.com>
2021-05-31SPM: Optimize stateless service logicKen Liu
- Rename the variables to make more sense. - Do not chain stateless services as they are never looked up. - Fine-tune the bit definition of service flags. Change-Id: Ie242ceefa0a9b43581d12963a92e59c6da3fa3af Signed-off-by: Ken Liu <Ken.Liu@arm.com>
2021-05-31SPM: Refine 'load' interfacesKen Liu
- Partitions need load info assemling MACROs, move them out of 'partition_static_load.h'. - Rename 'partition_static_load.h' into 'spm_load_api.h', and create a static load implementation 'static_load.c'. - Refine the load logic, call API provided in 'spm_load_api.h'. - Service lookup now list based. - Rename 'load info' variable in partition and service runtime defs. Change-Id: I73901094458ff1f11674100f8660eaa44a457d09 Signed-off-by: Ken Liu <Ken.Liu@arm.com>
2021-05-31SPM: Correct 'invalid parameter' error handlingShawn Shan
- 'Invalid parameter' is regarded as 'programmer error' instead of return 'PSA_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT'. - 'Programmer error' should be handled inside SPM instead of interface, as SPM needs to decide the error handling based on the caller attribute. - Keep the parameters range check inside the interface to give an explicit hint. - Correct 'type' casting to avoid lose sign bit. Change-Id: I35a5b70b5dc1ea7072c45f0ebac0630f65edfa00 Signed-off-by: Shawn Shan <Shawn.Shan@arm.com>