AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-21Core: Separate the partition db config to two partstfm-prototype-v0_1Mate Toth-Pal
2018-03-21Core: Rename services to partitions in coreMate Toth-Pal
2018-03-21Core: Rename services to partitions in SPMMate Toth-Pal
2018-03-21Core: Move context information to the service dbMate Toth-Pal
2018-03-20Merge pull request #8 from abhishek-pandit/tfm-prototype-v0_1Ashutosh Singh
2018-03-16Docs: Add contributing and coding guideAbhishek Pandit
2018-03-02Merge pull request #7 from jf549/tfm-prototype-v0_1Ashutosh Singh
2018-03-02Test: Add SST referenced access test suiteJamie Fox
2018-03-02App: Rename delete_thread to join_thread in os_wrapperJamie Fox
2018-03-02SST: Fix permission checks for access by referenceJamie Fox
2018-03-02SST: Set example AES key asset permissions to reference onlyJamie Fox
2018-03-02Test: Create SST test serviceJamie Fox
2018-03-02Merge pull request #6 from jbech-linaro/armclang_69Ashutosh Singh
2018-03-02Add bl2 pycache to .gitignoreJoakim Bech
2018-03-02Build: Add support for armclang 6.9Joakim Bech
2018-02-28Merge pull request #5 from adeaarm/tfm-prototype-v0_1Ashutosh Singh
2018-02-27Docs: Update TF-M build instructionsAntonio de Angelis
2018-02-27Test: addition of TEST_TYPE_6 to CORE_TEST_INTERACTIVE suiteAntonio de Angelis
2018-02-27Test: fix indentation and line widthAntonio de Angelis
2018-02-15Merge pull request #3 from matetothpal/ARMv8-M_baselineAbhishek Pandit
2018-02-14Platform: Add support for AN519 FPGAMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-14cmake: Move platform specific parts to platform dirMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-14Boot: Fix build error when built from app folderMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-14Platform: relocate common folderMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-02-14Platform: Reorganize and rename sse_200_mps2 folderMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-02-14TFM Core: Add support for ARMv8-M baseline to TF-M CoreMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-09cmake: Add support for Cortex-M23 to build systemMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-09Boot: Set mcuboot defined image header size to 0x400Mate Toth-Pal
2018-02-09cmake: Extract common config to separate fileMate Toth-Pal
2018-02-01Merge pull request #4 from adeaarm/tfm-prototype-v0_1Abhishek Pandit
2018-02-01Docs: various fixes in the documentationAntonio de Angelis
2018-01-18Merge pull request #2 from tamasban/tfm-prototype-v0_1Ashutosh Singh
2018-01-17Boot: integrate MCUBoot with TF-M to act as a BL2 bootloaderTamas Ban
2018-01-16Boot: add original files from MCUBoot and Zephyr projectTamas Ban
2017-12-18Docs: add licensing info and user docsAbhishek Pandit
2017-12-14Build: Cmake build systemGyorgy Szing
2017-12-14Test: test framework and test suitesMarc Moreno Berengue
2017-12-14App: Example NS appAntonio de Angelis
2017-12-14Interface: Interface provided to NS sideAshutosh Singh
2017-12-14SST: Secure storage implementation codeAshutosh Singh
2017-12-14Platform: drivers and external componentsMarc Moreno Berengue
2017-12-14Core: Trusted Firmware M core implementationMiklos Balint
2017-11-30initial commitAshutosh Singh