AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-30Docs: Release notes for v1.5.0TF-Mv1.5.0release/1.5.xAnton Komlev
2021-11-29Platform: Corstone-Polaris: fix FLIH/SLIH supportGabor Abonyi
2021-11-29Docs: Update generic threat modelFeder Liang
2021-11-26build: Disable ArmClang > v6.17.0Anton Komlev
2021-11-26SPM: Add invalid check for FP support if SFN model is enabledFeder Liang
2021-11-26Docs: Update FP support documentFeder Liang
2021-11-25Build: Fix cmake issue with IAR buildMichel Jaouen
2021-11-25Platform: Remove unused parameterAntonio de Angelis
2021-11-25Platform: Fix build for Musca-B1 when SE is usedGabor Abonyi
2021-11-25platform: stm: b_u585i_iot2a: Fix GCM support with PS PartitionMichel Jaouen
2021-11-24Test: Update tf-m-tests commit IDDavid Hu
2021-11-23Build: Update tf-m-tests commit IDTF-Mv1.5.0-RC2David Hu
2021-11-23Test: Refine FLIH and SLIH interrupt tests controlDavid Hu
2021-11-23Build: Update tf-m-tests repo versionFeder Liang
2021-11-23SPM: Fix non-secure caller check logicMingyang Sun
2021-11-23CC312: Allow OTP reads to be more flexibleRaef Coles
2021-11-23Crypto: Direct return key id in tfm_crypto_import_keySummer Qin
2021-11-23Build: Update tf-m-tests commit IDDavid Hu
2021-11-22Build: Support Armclang 6.17David Hu
2021-11-22TFMV-4: Profile Small Key ID encoding vulnerabilityDavid Hu
2021-11-18Build: Update tf-m-tests repo versionSherry Zhang
2021-11-18SPM: Fix SFN veneerMingyang Sun
2021-11-18SPM: Clean connection handle in creationKevin Peng
2021-11-18SPM: Add a header file includeDavid Hu
2021-11-17Build: Update tf-m-tests repo versionTF-Mv1.5.0-RC1Sherry Zhang
2021-11-17FWU: Refine the validation of the input argumentMark Horvath
2021-11-17Docs: Minor fix of out-of-tree SP build descriptionDavid Hu
2021-11-17SPM: Use a standalone lock for schedulingMingyang Sun
2021-11-17Build: Update tf-m-tests repo versionMingyang Sun
2021-11-17SPM: Add runtime SFN backendKen Liu
2021-11-17FP: Fix FP info message colorDavid Hu
2021-11-17Git: Update .gitignoreKevin Peng
2021-11-17Build: Add back TFM_CODE_COVERAGE setting in GNUARM toolchainDavid Hu
2021-11-17platform: nordic_nrf: Fix platform test timerJoakim Andersson
2021-11-17CC312: Fix bug in OTP readingRaef Coles
2021-11-16Platform: Musca_B1 build hardenedAlexandr Agranovsky
2021-11-16Build : Update tf-m-tests repo versionFeder Liang
2021-11-16Docs: Add FPU support user guideFeder Liang
2021-11-16SPM: Add FPU support for gnu arm embedded toolchainFeder Liang
2021-11-16SPM: Float-point context managementFeder Liang
2021-11-16Platform: Remove unnecessary linksDavid Hu
2021-11-16Interface: Improvements on framework_featureKevin Peng
2021-11-16Build : Update tf-m-tests repo versionShawn Shan
2021-11-16secure_fw: exception_info: Log fatal error as error messageJoakim Andersson
2021-11-15Interface: Introduce framework feature availabilityKevin Peng
2021-11-15SPM: Implement MM-IOVEC Secure Partition APIShawn Shan
2021-11-15Build: Add note on changing the type of mbedcrypto configHåkon Øye Amundsen
2021-11-15Build: Remove incorrect OTP_WRITABLE checkRaef Coles
2021-11-13Tools: Merge back platform specific manifest list backKevin Peng
2021-11-12Build: Stop cloning mcuboot submodulesAnton Komlev