AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-13Test: Add a negative test case for level 3 in tf-m part.feature-isolation-level3Shawn Shan
2020-10-13Platform: Add break for switch casesShawn Shan
2020-09-30Partition: Log API special for partitionSummer Qin
2020-09-30SPM: Change to new SPM log APIsShawn Shan
2020-09-30Build: Add SPM log support for platformsShawn Shan
2020-09-30SPM: Implement SPM log functions.Shawn Shan
2020-09-30SPM: Include header file 'tfm_hal_defs.h' to SPM logShawn Shan
2020-09-30Docs: Update the comments about the function 'spm_log_msgval'Shawn Shan
2020-09-29HAL: Isolation: Update tfm_hal_memory_has_accessKevin Peng
2020-09-29HAL: Isolation: Add Privileged Mode maskKevin Peng
2020-09-28Platform: Updating GCC linker scripts for Lv3 IsolationMinos Galanakis
2020-09-28Platform: Scatter: Add Position tags for Multi-coreKevin Peng
2020-09-22Platform: 'tfm_hal_isolation_mpu_v8m.c' is for IPCSummer Qin
2020-09-21Build: Add isolation level3 config cmakefileMingyang Sun
2020-09-21SPM: Isolation level3 implementationMingyang Sun
2020-09-21SPM: Use partition privite data address markMingyang Sun
2020-09-21Platform: Add/Change address mark in scatter fileMingyang Sun
2020-09-19SPM: Skip GNUARM startup initializationSummer Qin
2020-09-19SPM: Apply isolation API on AN521Mingyang Sun
2020-09-19SPM: Add implementations of static isolationsKevin Peng
2020-09-19Platform: Add/remove position tags in scatter fileKevin Peng
2020-09-18Platform: AN521: Implement isolation HAL APIMingyang Sun
2020-09-18HAL: Add common isolation API implementation for armv8m MPUKevin Peng
2020-09-18HAL: Add isolation HAL headerKevin Peng
2020-09-17Platform: Split TFM_LINK_SET_RO_IN_PARTITION_SECTIONKevin Peng
2020-09-17Platform: Re-arrange regions in scatter fileKevin Peng
2020-09-15SPM: Unify the naming inside scatter loaderKen Liu
2020-09-15SPM: Remove unused partition memory infoKen Liu
2020-09-12SPM: Update log parameter to 'char *'Shawn Shan
2020-09-09Build: Apply global array as partition stacks [tf-m]Ken Liu
2020-09-09Build: Update the test partition manifest relatedKen Liu
2020-09-08Crypto: Highlight unsafe NULL entropy more explicitlySoby Mathew
2020-09-08Crypto: Fix types of psa_client_key_attributes_sSoby Mathew
2020-09-07Docs: Correct name of Corstone-300 platformMarton Berke
2020-09-03Increase ITS_MAX_ASSET_SIZE for PSA Crypto Compliance testsSoby Mathew
2020-09-03ITS/PS: Make file system configuration dynamicChris Brand
2020-09-03Docs: Update overall HAL designKevin Peng
2020-09-02Platform: Enable Cache and MRAM fast-read on Musca-S1Gabor Toth
2020-09-02Build: Remove unused field 'tfm_extensions'Ken Liu
2020-09-02Docs: Update source structure for 'spm/common'Summer Qin
2020-09-01SPM: Fix the sfn parameters check function of Lib ModelKevin Peng
2020-09-01Attest: Remove wrapper file around psa/client.hTamas Ban
2020-09-01Attest: Rename files to follow naming conventionTamas Ban
2020-09-01Attest: Extend the naming of token encoding related functionalityLaurence Lundblade
2020-08-31SPM: Move PSA client and service apis into 'spm/common'Summer Qin
2020-08-31Arch: Add function to configure coprocessorsJamie Fox
2020-08-31Core: Avoid branching from inline assembly functionMark Horvath
2020-08-28SPM: Add header file for SPM log systemShawn Shan
2020-08-28SPM: Move psa client call apis into 'spm/common'Summer Qin
2020-08-28SPM: Remove 'init' and 'runtime' folder in 'spm/common'Summer Qin