AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-27Core: move PSA API sources into `ipc` directoryfeature-ipc-truncatedKen Liu
2018-07-27Test: Implement IPC non-secure test casesSummer Qin
2018-07-27Core: Add message processing for IPC veneerEdison Ai
2018-07-27Test: Add IPC test serviceEdison Ai
2018-07-27Test: skeleton framework addition for IPC testingEdison Ai
2018-07-27Core: first draft for PSA service APIsKen Liu
2018-07-27Core: base thread context switch for IPC draftKen Liu
2018-07-25Core: Add config file for IPCEdison Ai
2018-07-25Core: increase veneer region sizeEdison Ai
2018-07-25Core: add PSA client API functionsMiklos Balint
2018-07-25Core: add PSA API header filesMiklos Balint
2018-07-06SST: First public draft of PSA SST APIsMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-07-05SST: Unpack tfm_sst_buf_t for read and write APIsMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-07-05SST: Add asset authentication token in the APIsMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-07-05SST: Use asset ID instead of handle in all APIsMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-07-05SST: Add asset types and attributesMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-07-05SST: Rename get_attributes APIs to get_infoMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-07-05SST: Add encrypted object layer above sst coreJamie Fox
2018-07-05SST: Rename prepare and wipe interface namesMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-06-28Test: Update tests for no partial asset rwBen Davis
2018-06-28SST: Add ability to disable partial asset rwBen Davis
2018-06-28Test: Create secure client serviceBen Davis
2018-06-25manifest: minor bugfixes and improvementsMiklos Balint
2018-06-25manifest: refactor python scripts for modularityMiklos Balint
2018-06-25Core: SPM to rely on manifest files for databaseMiklos Balint
2018-06-25manifest: add manifest list and parser scriptsMiklos Balint
2018-06-25Test: manifest files for test servicesMiklos Balint
2018-06-25SST: add manifest fileMiklos Balint
2018-06-19AuditLog: add manifest fileMiklos Balint
2018-06-12Build: Gracefully fail if service build is disabledAntonio de Angelis
2018-06-12AuditLog: Amend header fieldsAntonio de Angelis
2018-06-12AuditLog: Refactor Core componentsAntonio de Angelis
2018-06-12Build: Pre-include mbedTLS headersAntonio de Angelis
2018-05-30Core: use secure partition context for its initMiklos Balint
2018-05-30Platform: Make UART1 non-secure by defaultMiklos Balint
2018-05-17Platform: Implement CMSIS flash driver for MuscaAvinash Mehta
2018-05-17SST: Update integration guide for SST serviceMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-05-17SST: Add mechanism to overwrite SST flags valuesMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-05-17Platform: Increase stack size for an519 and an521Marc Moreno Berengue
2018-05-17SST: Implement SST flash on top of CMSIS flash drvMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-05-17SST: Update SST flash interfaceMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-05-17Boot: remove heap usage from BL2Tamas Ban
2018-05-17Boot: introduce CMSIS flash interface and driverTamas Ban
2018-05-17Platform: implement CMSIS flash driver on MPS2Tamas Ban
2018-05-16AuditLog: Add a service integration guideAntonio de Angelis
2018-05-15AuditLog: Implement basic unit testingAntonio de Angelis
2018-05-15AuditLog: Add a secure UART redirection optionAntonio de Angelis
2018-05-15AuditLog: Implement basic logging functionalitiesAntonio de Angelis
2018-05-15AuditLog: Additional API primitivesAntonio de Angelis
2018-05-15AuditLog: Test infrastructure updateAntonio de Angelis