AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-27Platform: Correct region namefeature-ipcEdison Ai
2019-02-27Core: Add ZI and RW regions for seucre data in memory checkEdison Ai
2019-02-22Core: free connection handle in psa_replyEdison Ai
2019-02-12Core: Support set reverse handle during connectingsandbox/twincpu/m0pEdison Ai
2019-02-11Core: Fix thread list handlingMate Toth-Pal
2019-02-11Core: Config isolation for partitions with PSA APIMate Toth-Pal
2019-01-27Core: Implement the IPC Secure Client APISummer Qin
2019-01-27Core: Implement PSA service functionsEdison Ai
2019-01-26Core: Add memory check function for IPCSummer Qin
2019-01-26Core: Adapt PSA API veneer with implemented handlerSummer Qin
2019-01-26Platform: Align region name in armclang and gccSummer Qin
2019-01-26Core: Add secure partition manager for IPCEdison Ai
2019-01-26Core: Enhance manifest to align with PSAEdison Ai
2019-01-26Core: Add IPC Client and Service Secure PartitionSummer Qin
2019-01-26Core: Add list, message queue, and pool functionsEdison Ai
2019-01-22Core: Fundamental components for secure IPCKen Liu
2019-01-22Core: Update IPC implementation frameworkEdison Ai
2019-01-22Core: Align with PSA FF specification 1.0-beta-0Edison Ai
2019-01-11Crypto: Conditional reference PSA types by PSA FF versionEdison Ai
2019-01-11Cmake: Disable regression tests for IPC configurationEdison Ai
2018-12-17Core: fixup offset of SP and SPLIMITKen Liu
2018-12-17Core: thread mode transition for IPC callsMiklos Balint
2018-12-17Core: move PSA API sources into `ipc` directoryKen Liu
2018-12-17Test: Implement IPC non-secure test casesSummer Qin
2018-12-17Core: Add message processing for IPC veneerEdison Ai
2018-12-17Test: Add IPC test serviceEdison Ai
2018-12-17Test: skeleton framework addition for IPC testingEdison Ai
2018-12-17Core: first draft for PSA service APIsKen Liu
2018-12-17Core: base thread context switch for IPC draftKen Liu
2018-12-17Core: Add config file for IPCEdison Ai
2018-12-17Core: add PSA client API functionsMiklos Balint
2018-12-14Core: Make initial debug config platform-specificMarc Moreno Berengue
2018-12-11AuditLog: Define a secure API interface layerAntonio de Angelis
2018-12-07Build: Add support for Armclang 6.10 and Armclang 6.11Antonio de Angelis
2018-12-06Build: Compile Mbed TLS as MinSizeRel by defaultJamie Fox
2018-12-06Build: Fix build for AN519 with MBEDTLS_DEBUG=OFFJamie Fox
2018-12-05Attest: Add a service integration guideTamas Ban
2018-12-05Test: Add test suite for Attestation ServiceTamas Ban
2018-12-05Attest: Add initial attestation prototypeTamas Ban
2018-12-05Attest: Release PSA API of initial attestationTamas Ban
2018-12-05Platform: Add device ID supportTamas Ban
2018-12-05Platform: Add boot seed supportTamas Ban
2018-12-05Core: Create wrapper functions around C lib callsTamas Ban
2018-12-05Platform: Reduce stack size of test partitionsTamas Ban
2018-12-05Platform: Add SRAM limit assert to S sct filesMate Toth-Pal
2018-12-05Core: Add data exchange b/w runtime and BL2Tamas Ban
2018-12-05Boot: Save boot status to shared data areaTamas Ban
2018-12-05Build: Fix BL2 config in ConfigRegressionTfmLevel3.cmakeTamas Ban
2018-12-05Platform: Fix compile error without BL2Tamas Ban
2018-12-05Core: Rename tfm_unpriv_api.c to tfm_spm_services.cTamas Ban