AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-14Build: Fetch tf-m-tests repo with fixed versionfeature-fwu-partitionKevin Peng
2021-01-13Docs: Fixed a minor issue with version stringMinos Galanakis
2021-01-13Docs: Update URL of API DocumentsXinyu Zhang
2021-01-12Tools: Move UART symbols out of test partition sectionShawn Shan
2021-01-12Hotfix: Fix some typosSummer Qin
2021-01-08Build: Add macro for enabling code coverage flagKarl Zhang
2021-01-08Build: Install signing layout files and scriptsRaef Coles
2021-01-08Build: Rename install export dir to interfaceRaef Coles
2021-01-08Build: Allow alteration of cmake install pathRaef Coles
2021-01-07SPRTL: Add log API for Secure PartitionsSummer Qin
2021-01-07nrf: Extend plat_test.c to implement functions needed for psa-arch-testsØyvind Rønningstad
2021-01-06Platform: Clean deprecated tfm_spm_hal_init_isolation_hw()Mingyang Sun
2021-01-06PSoC64: Fix startup isolation error handling in HALMingyang Sun
2021-01-06Build: Put CONFIG_TFM_ENABLE_MEMORY_PROTECT flag to platformMingyang Sun
2021-01-05Build: Move cc312_log into cc312 library targetsRaef Coles
2021-01-05Build: Make cc312 support libraries INTERFACE typeRaef Coles
2021-01-05Platform: Add crypto_keys.c to platform_sRaef Coles
2021-01-05Build: Remove cc312 buffer check from cmakelistsRaef Coles
2021-01-05Docs: Add security handlingKarl Zhang
2021-01-05Platform: Remove 'TFM_UNPRIV_DATA' sectionKen Liu
2021-01-04Platform: Musca-B1: Fix platform initTamas Ban
2021-01-04nordic_nrf: Move partition include dir specification to boardØyvind Rønningstad
2020-12-31Docs: Fix Introduction -> Version history table formatMaulik Patel
2020-12-30Build: Export missing os_wrapper headers for RTOS integrationCharley Chu
2020-12-29Build: Apply global array as partition stacks [tf-m]Ken Liu
2020-12-29Build: Add global array used as stacksMingyang Sun
2020-12-28Build: Skip building platform_ns when NS app is not selectedDavid Hu
2020-12-28Build: Move psa_ns_api build to NS sideDavid Hu
2020-12-25Docs: Add a generic threat model of TF-MDavid Hu
2020-12-23Build: Set TFM_PARTITION_AUDIT_LOG to OFF in IPC modelDavid Hu
2020-12-22PSoC64: Fix IRQ test (TFM_CORE_TEST_1017)Alamy Liu
2020-12-22Dualcpu: Execute memory access check in privileged levelDavid Hu
2020-12-18Platform: stm32l562_dk: Add external flash support (T862)Michel Jaouen
2020-12-18Boot: Add multiple flash driver supportMichel Jaouen
2020-12-18Crypto: Optimize the IOVEC buffer memset operationSummer Qin
2020-12-18Revert "Build: Switch mbedtls auto-patching to git am"Raef Coles
2020-12-17Build: Use upstream bootutil cmakeRaef Coles
2020-12-17Docs: Create a design proposal for code sharingTamas Ban
2020-12-17Build: Extend code sharingBalint Matyi
2020-12-17Platform: Place global variables in shared code to dedicated sectionTamas Ban
2020-12-17Build: Enable TFM_CODE_SHARING only on AN521 and Musca-B1Tamas Ban
2020-12-17Build: Add mbedtls patch to help code sharingTamas Ban
2020-12-17Build: Enable code sharing between bootloader and SPETamas Ban
2020-12-16Hotfix: Fix Secure Enclave buildDavid Hu
2020-12-15Build: Support out-of-tree platformsØyvind Rønningstad
2020-12-15Partition: Move partitions secure api into SPRTLSummer Qin
2020-12-15Docs: Correct to PSA_ARCH_TESTS_PATHRaef Coles
2020-12-14Hotfix: Fix build issue when Protected Storage is disabledDavid Hu
2020-12-14Build: Switch mbedtls auto-patching to git amRaef Coles
2020-12-14Crypto: Align crypto interface for non-secureSummer Qin