AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-05SPM: Refine list operationsfeature-fihKen Liu
2021-02-05Docs: Add design proposal against physical attacks in TF-MTamas Ban
2021-02-05Build: Update the tf-m-tests commit IDDavid Hu
2021-02-05Docs: Update mailbox design documentDavid Hu
2021-02-05Dualcpu: Add a new NS mailbox working model with a dedicated threadDavid Hu
2021-02-05Dualcpu: Add RTOS message queue wrappersDavid Hu
2021-02-05Build: Update tf-m-tests commit IDDavid Hu
2021-02-05Build: Fix install if FORWARD_PROT_MSG is setMark Horvath
2021-02-04SPM: Implementation error codes updateKen Liu
2021-02-03Crypto: add patch to fix compilation errorHåkon Øye Amundsen
2021-02-02Build: re-add missing crypto module configHåkon Øye Amundsen
2021-02-02PSoC64: Export files needed for RTOS integrationCharley Chu
2021-02-01Docs: Updated target-file list to the new structure.Minos Galanakis
2021-01-30Build: Support passing absolute paths to TFM_PLATFORMØyvind Rønningstad
2021-01-29platform : Added deprecation warnings for musca_aHugo L'Hostis
2021-01-28nrf: Add support for printing data from flashØyvind Rønningstad
2021-01-28Dualcpu: Improve dual-cpu idle threadDavid Hu
2021-01-27platform: Added deprecation warnings for sse-200_awsMinos Galanakis
2021-01-26CMSIS: Update core_armv81mml.hSummer Qin
2021-01-26SPM: Obtain memory info by memory symbolsSummer Qin
2021-01-26SPM: API Implementation CorrectionXinyu Zhang
2021-01-26SPM: Add missing #include statementHåkon Øye Amundsen
2021-01-26Tools: Naming refine: manifest -> partitionKevin Peng
2021-01-25SPM: Rename 'spm/common' into 'spm/ffm'Ken Liu
2021-01-22ITS: Check status of ITS initialisationJamie Fox
2021-01-22PS: Remove dependency on flash_layout.hJamie Fox
2021-01-22Storage: Replace temporary tfm_abort with psa_panicJamie Fox
2021-01-22ITS: Fix struct member descriptionJamie Fox
2021-01-22Docs: Update Storage integration guidesJamie Fox
2021-01-22Platform: TF-M ITS and PS HALJamie Fox
2021-01-22Docs: Design of the ITS and PS HAL APIsEdison Ai
2021-01-22SPM: Fix some compile warningsShawn Shan
2021-01-22Build: Update tfm-test-repo commit IDDavid Hu
2021-01-22Docs: Update dual-cpu documentsDavid Hu
2021-01-22Build: Improve NS mailbox config flag settingDavid Hu
2021-01-22Build: Improve the setting of number of mailbox queue slotsDavid Hu
2021-01-22Dualcpu: Move dual-cpu NS files into a dedicated folderDavid Hu
2021-01-22Dualcpu: Simplify lock of local flags in NSPE mailboxDavid Hu
2021-01-22Dualcpu: Refine NS mailbox wake-up mechanismDavid Hu
2021-01-22Dualcpu: Remove mailbox message handle from NS mailboxDavid Hu
2021-01-22Dualcpu: Move NS mailbox thread management to RTOS specific fileDavid Hu
2021-01-22Dualcpu: Simplify NS mailbox interfaceDavid Hu
2021-01-22Build: Create NS signing layout even if NS build is disabledMark Horvath
2021-01-21SPRTL: Partition Metadata Pointer [Optional Feature]Summer Qin
2021-01-21Build: Fix typo "SIGNING"Alamy Liu
2021-01-21SPM: Refine the get_irq_line_for_signal functionKevin Peng
2021-01-21SPM: Change data type of irq line to uint32_tKevin Peng
2021-01-21SPM: Update framework_version check for PartitionsKevin Peng
2021-01-20Platform: Refactor fvp_sse300 CMakeList.txt filesMarton Berke
2021-01-20SPM: Change partition static dataMingyang Sun