AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-05Doc: Added M2R library dependencyfeature-doc-hostingGalanakis, Minos
2019-07-04Doc: Enabling sphinx-buildGalanakis, Minos
2019-07-02Arch: Abstract PSPLIM settingDavid Hu
2019-07-02Arch: Abstract the operation of prioritizing Secure exceptionsDavid Hu
2019-07-02Arch: Abstract checking of the stack used on exception returnDavid Hu
2019-07-02Arch: Abstract architecture specific code from secure firmwareDavid Hu
2019-07-01Doc: add design proposal process documentation.Gyorgy Szing
2019-06-28Build: Remove "tfm_symbol" from manifestEdison Ai
2019-06-28Build: Correct name of linker_pattern regionEdison Ai
2019-06-28Build: Remove "source_files" list attributeEdison Ai
2019-06-28Build: remove tfm_partition_ipc from manifestsMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-27Core: Fix for enable SPE preemption by NSPEMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-27Core: Enable SPE preemption by NSPEMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-27Core: Set MSPLIM for TF-M CoreMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-27Core: Explicitly set fault prioritiesMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-27Core: Add necessary includes in some header files.David Hu
2019-06-26Build: Don't create empty bss sectionsMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-26Build: define NDEBUG for Relwithdebinfo buildsMate Toth-Pal
2019-06-26T398: Source cleanup for tool chain integrationTTornblom
2019-06-26Core: Refine the implementation of connection handleSummer Qin
2019-06-26Core: Refine psa_connect return codeSummer Qin
2019-06-25Build: Update .gitignoreAntonio de Angelis
2019-06-25Crypto: Check ownership of contextAntonio de Angelis
2019-06-25SST: Destroy transient keys after usageAntonio de Angelis
2019-06-24COSE: skip sig alg call when computing token sizeLaurence Lundblade
2019-06-24QCBOR: Add xx_IsBufferNULL(); update docs; endianness optionsLaurence Lundblade
2019-06-21Build: Enable nested macros for image scriptSverteczky, Marcell
2019-06-21Platform: Add support for MPS3 AN524 FPGA boardKevin Peng
2019-06-21Build: Move configurations into a specified directoryKen Liu
2019-06-19SST: Replace mem utils with TF-M mem utilsJamie Fox
2019-06-19SST: Use correct PSA iovec typenamesJamie Fox
2019-06-19SST: Remove duplicated call to sst_crypto_set_ivJamie Fox
2019-06-19Test: Constify constant buffers in SST testsJamie Fox
2019-06-19Docs: Clarify Musca flashing processJamie Fox
2019-06-19Docs: Consistently refer to Musca-AJamie Fox
2019-06-19Test: Add isolation level 2 test casesSherry Zhang
2019-06-18Build: Remove support for Armclang version less than 6.10Antonio de Angelis
2019-06-17Build: Unify build artefacts namingTamas Ban
2019-06-17Boot: Skip MSPLIM setting when current architecture is not Armv8-MDavid Hu
2019-06-14Doc: Update maintainers listAshutosh Singh
2019-06-13Platform: Ensure flash driver is initialisedJamie Fox
2019-06-11Build: Add support for Armclang 6.12Gary Morrison
2019-06-11Build: Fix compiler related cmake variablesSverteczky, Marcell
2019-06-06Docs: Fix rst syntax errorsTamas Ban
2019-06-04Platform: IOCTL for platform-specific servicesMiklos Balint
2019-05-31Fix compile error on casting pointer typeChun-Chieh Li
2019-05-31Platform: Adjust required RAM size for SPE in MUSCA_ATF-Mv1.0-RC1Antonio de Angelis
2019-05-30Core: Add secure lock for IPC modelMate Toth-Pal
2019-05-30Build: Support building IPC model without testsJamie Fox
2019-05-30Core: Remove Library mode specific functions for IPC modelSummer Qin