AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-09Docs: Add v1.3.0 release noteTF-Mv1.3.0David Hu
2021-04-08Version: Update for TF-M v1.3.0 releaseDavid Hu
2021-03-31BUILD: Remove -Wno-unused-parameter option from IARTF-Mv1.3.0-RC3TTornblom
2021-03-31Build: ensuring TFM_PARTITION_PLATFORM is read as variable in gen-exprTorsten Rasmussen
2021-03-30Update maintainers fileChris Brand
2021-03-30Platform: Move PSA IPC test data from mram to sram on Musca_s1Salome Thirot
2021-03-29Build: Bump up test repo version to 1.3.0-RC1TF-Mv1.3.0-RC2Kevin Peng
2021-03-29Crypto: Fix psa arch test failures.Maulik Patel
2021-03-29Build: Add a config check against IPC model and TF-M audit logDavid Hu
2021-03-29Platform: Switch AN547 Initial Stack Pointer to MSPMarton Berke
2021-03-29Platform: Fix Musca-B1 Secure EnclaveMark Horvath
2021-03-24Docs: Fix an incorrect linkDavid Hu
2021-03-23Tool: Fix PSA-FF-test partition ID conflictMingyang Sun
2021-03-22docs: fix ARMv8-M developer.arm.com linkTF-Mv1.3.0-RC1Leonardo Sandoval
2021-03-22Platform: Remove duplicated files from psoc64Raef Coles
2021-03-22Platform: remove dummy hal from Nuvoton cmakeRaef Coles
2021-03-22SPM: Add error inspection for fatal errors (exceptions)Øyvind Rønningstad
2021-03-22SPM: Implement version check for stateless serviceMingyang Sun
2021-03-22Docs: Fix Large Profile documentDavid Hu
2021-03-22Revert "Platform: Increase the code size of LR_CODE about musca_b1"Shawn Shan
2021-03-22Platform: Disable FIH on AN521 by defaultDavid Hu
2021-03-22Docs: Add a note to avoid using GNU Arm 10-2020-q4-majorDavid Hu
2021-03-22Service: Create an example FF-M v1.1 partitionMingyang Sun
2021-03-22SPM: Update firmware framework versionMingyang Sun
2021-03-22SPM: Service API psa_set_rhandle() changeMingyang Sun
2021-03-22SPM: Client API psa_call() changesMingyang Sun
2021-03-22SPM: Client API change for stateless serviceMingyang Sun
2021-03-19Platform: Increase the code size of LR_CODE about musca_b1Shawn Shan
2021-03-19SPM: Add a tracking table for stateless serviceMingyang Sun
2021-03-19FIH: Improve labelling for testing toolRaef Coles
2021-03-19Boot: Move Mbed TLS configuration file for MCUbootRobert Rostohar
2021-03-19Build: Fix MCUboot image dependency checkingRaef Coles
2021-03-19Config: Add Profile Large default config fileDavid Hu
2021-03-19Crypto: Add a Mbed Crypto config file for Profile LargeDavid Hu
2021-03-19Platform: Use extended CFI against physical attacks on AN521Tamas Ban
2021-03-19FIH: Extend control flow integrity protectionDavid Hu
2021-03-19Platform: Add fault injection mitigation to AN521Tamas Ban
2021-03-19SPM: Add fault injection protection support in IPC modelDavid Hu
2021-03-19SPM: Add fault injection protection support in Library modelDavid Hu
2021-03-19Platform: Adjust HAL API to fit for FI hardeningTamas Ban
2021-03-19FIH: Add fault injection hardening libraryTamas Ban
2021-03-19Docs: Add firmware update partition design documentSherry Zhang
2021-03-19FWU: Add FWU regression test configurationsSherry Zhang
2021-03-19FWU: Add the IPC model supportSherry Zhang
2021-03-19FWU: Add Firmware Update partitionSherry Zhang
2021-03-19SPM: Add a "connection_based" flag for serviceMingyang Sun
2021-03-19SPM: Wake up only when waitfing for the signalKevin Peng
2021-03-19Tool: Generate static handle for stateless serviceMingyang Sun
2021-03-19SPM: Check client version before creating handleKevin Peng
2021-03-18platform: stm32l562e_dk: Modify memory mapping to support psa api testMichel Jaouen