AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-22Build: Enable symmetric initial attestation in Profile S Default configDavid Hu
2020-06-22Build: Skip T_COSE test cases when ENABLE_T_COSE_TESTS is OFFDavid Hu
2020-06-22Attest: attest_token_start()/finish() for symmetric Initial AttestationDavid Hu
2020-06-22COSE: Add COSE_Mac0 support in t_cose libraryDavid Hu
2020-06-22Attest: Create Instance ID in symmetric Initial AttestationDavid Hu
2020-06-22Attest: Fetch symmetric Initial Attestation KeyDavid Hu
2020-06-19Tools: add Mac0Message support to iatverifierSergei Trofimov
2020-06-19Build: Create hex and elf files of executablesØyvind Rønningstad
2020-06-19Docs: Restructuring and new layoutMinos Galanakis
2020-06-19Core: Move spm header files to 'spm' folderMingyang Sun
2020-06-19Core: Use separate '.inc' file and init functionMingyang Sun
2020-06-18Doc: Update email address for feedback and supportKevin Peng
2020-06-16test: core: Remove unneeded #include <platform_irq.h>Øyvind Rønningstad
2020-06-16Build: Fix cmake implicitly converting warningsKumar Gala
2020-06-16Platform: Fix Musca-B1 eFlash driver issueJamie Fox
2020-06-16Docs: Clarify that Profile Small doesn't cover all the platformsDavid Hu
2020-06-16Platform: PSoC64: Increase ITS_MAX_BLOCK_DATA_COPY to 512Chris Brand
2020-06-16Platform: PSoC64: Make NV counters and ITS Flash regions privileged-onlyChris Brand
2020-06-16Platform: PSoC64: Change SMPU regions usedChris Brand
2020-06-15Boot: Fix BL2 and NS scatter filesBalint Matyi
2020-06-15Config: Add stm targets in single entry pointLudovic Barre
2020-06-15Platform: Add the support of stm32l5xxMichel Jaouen
2020-06-15Core: Simplify the service lookup procedureSummer Qin
2020-06-15Core: IAR fix for 94d424a5TTornblom
2020-06-15Platform: Update including path for CC312 buildingKen Liu
2020-06-12Platform: Rename SST to PS for FVP_SSE300_MPS2Jamie Fox
2020-06-12SST: Rename SST(Secure STorage) to PS(Protected Storage)Kevin Peng
2020-06-11Test: Modify IRQ test flow for toolMate Toth-Pal
2020-06-11Platform: Add FVP_SSE300_MPS2 targetMark Horvath
2020-06-11Docs: Update TF-M repository referenceMinos Galanakis
2020-06-10Docs: Fixed minor formatting error in IAR build instructionsTTornblom
2020-06-10Tools: Use build system appropriate newlinesTTornblom
2020-06-10App: IAR fix for 8fa3a7b6TTornblom
2020-06-09Build: Minor IAR warnings elimination and fix for 8f17a711TTornblom
2020-06-09crypto: decouple the PSA Crypto interface from TF-M flagsSoby Mathew
2020-06-08Boot: Replace hard-coded image indexDavid Vincze
2020-06-08Boot: Fix misplaced preprocessor directiveDavid Vincze
2020-06-08Core: Update the include statementMingyang Sun
2020-06-08Service: Update the include statementsMingyang Sun
2020-06-08Platform: Update the include statementsMingyang Sun
2020-06-05Gerrit: Update .gitreview to new locationBenjamin Copeland
2020-06-05Platform: Unify NS and secure UART STDOUT implementationKevin Peng
2020-06-05Docs: Update path 'services' to 'partitions'Ken Liu
2020-06-05Docs: Update glossaryEdison Ai
2020-06-05Docs: Refine glossary.rstEdison Ai
2020-06-04Test: Add attestation claim value check switchBalint Matyi
2020-06-04Boot: Add requirements.txt fileKevin Townsend
2020-06-04Docs: Replace True/False with ON/OFF in attestation guideBalint Matyi
2020-06-04Boot: Add byte cast when signing payloadKevin Townsend
2020-06-04Build: Enable ninja-based buildsKevin Townsend