AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
39 hoursBuild: Disable ECDH crypto test for profile smallHEADmasterAntonio de Angelis
40 hoursplatform: nordic: Fix build error in configurations without BL2Andrzej Głąbek
41 hoursBuild: Update MCUboot version to use a tagDavid Vincze
6 daysAN547: Fix secure startup fileMark Horvath
7 daysTest: Update hotfix for psa arch testTF-Mv1.4.0-RC3Summer Qin
8 daysDocs: Add link for TFMV-3 in security handlingSummer Qin
9 daysBuild: Fix build error when Crypto Partition is disabledKevin Peng
9 daysTest: Update the psa arch test versionTF-Mv1.4.0-RC2Summer Qin
9 daysCrypto: Add config checkSummer Qin
12 daysRevert "PS: Update non-static label implementation"Anton Komlev
12 daysPS: Update non-static label implementationDavid Hu
14 daysTest: Update the tfm test versionTF-Mv1.4.0-RC1Summer Qin
14 daysPlatform: Update STM accelerator for mbedtls 3.0Raef Coles
14 daysPlatform: Expand CMSE_VENEER_REGION_SIZE for musca_b1Summer Qin
14 daysCC312: Align CC312 with mbedtls 3.0.0Summer Qin
14 daysCrypto: Use NV SEED as default entropy sourceSummer Qin
14 daysCrypto: Fix handle_owner allocation issueSummer Qin
14 daysCrypto: Add support for message signing operationSummer Qin
14 daysCrypto: Add support for some cipher and mac functionsSummer Qin
14 daysCrypto: Upgrade mbedtls to v3.0.0Summer Qin
14 daysCrypto: Align PSA Crypto API to 1.0 versionSummer Qin
2021-07-21Partitions: Add psa_wait when wake up in Idle PartitionKevin Peng
2021-07-21SPM: Activate scheduler in psa_wait() if no signal assertedKevin Peng
2021-07-21SPM: Add error check of NULL stateless serviceMingyang Sun
2021-07-20Platform: LPCXpresso55s69: Synchronized platform code with NXP SDK portMartinaHanusovaNXP
2021-07-20Crypto: Fix -Wint-conversion warningSummer Qin
2021-07-20Boot: Integrate MCUboot based on mbedtls-3.0.0Sherry Zhang
2021-07-20Boot: Update MCUboot to version 4f80913Sherry Zhang
2021-07-20Docs: Turn warnings into errors in html generationSummer Qin
2021-07-20FWU: Fix build error when MCUBOOT_ENC_IMAGES is enabledSherry Zhang
2021-07-19Platform: Disable FLIH testing by default on AN521Kevin Peng
2021-07-19protected_storage: Enable non static key labelsGeorgios Vasilakis
2021-07-16SPM: Fix GNUARM compiler warningMingyang Sun
2021-07-16Tools: Fixed slashes mismatch in manifest parsing toolMartinaHanusovaNXP
2021-07-16SPM: Minor refinement of "load info" templateMingyang Sun
2021-07-16Platform: stm: Fix for TF-M small profile supportMichel Jaouen
2021-07-16Partitions: Change the crypto service in Proxy Partition to stateless.Shawn Shan
2021-07-16Platform: Add a customized manifest list for Musca-B1Kevin Peng
2021-07-16Build: Allow customized manifest listsKevin Peng
2021-07-16Update Version of Test RepoXinyu Zhang
2021-07-16Platform: Enable IRQ testing on some platforms by defaultKevin Peng
2021-07-16Platform: Musca-B1: Enable Test SLIH on isolation L2 & 3Kevin Peng
2021-07-16PsoC64: Make some functions staticChris Brand
2021-07-16SPM: Fix irq template for cmsis func.Michel Jaouen
2021-07-16Docs: update NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q builds to use TFM_TOOLCHAIN_FILEAbbas Bracken Ziad
2021-07-16Build: Add config check for FLIH TestingKevin Peng
2021-07-15SPM: Make boot data table only have enabled PartitionKevin Peng
2021-07-15Build: Update tf-m-tests default commitshejia01
2021-07-15Build: Fix the t_cose and attestation test suites build errorshejia01
2021-07-14PS: Fix bug when encrypt/decrypt PS objectsSherry Zhang