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+SQUAD metrics dashboard
+:Authors: Hugo L'Hostis
+:Organization: Arm Limited
+:Contact: hugo.lhostis@arm.com
+SQUAD Presentation
+Software Quality Dashboard (SQUAD) is a tool used by Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M)
+to keep track of some metrics for the project. It is a Linaro project (see here
+a link to the `SQUAD Documentation`_).
+For TF-M the purpose of having such a tool available is to have a history on
+some metrics of the project for different configurations of TF-M.
+The TF-M SQUAD is available here : `TFM's SQUAD`_. There are several
+configurations and metrics that can be selected, here is a link with some of
+them already selected :
+`SQUAD parametered for Default, profileS and MinsizeProfileS`_.
+Metrics and configurations
+The metrics sent to the dashboard are currently the memory footprint
+measurements from the TFM project calculated by the arm-none-eabi-size
+function for the 2 files bl2.axf and tfm_s.axf :
+ - Text section size.
+ - bss section size.
+ - data total size.
+ - Total file size.
+Each metric sent to the dashboard can be compared for different configurations
+used. The configurations available currently are the following :
+ - Default
+ - CoreIPC
+ - CoreIPCTfmLevel2
+ - DefaultProfileS
+ - DefaultProfileM
+ - DefaultProfileL
+ - MinSizeProfileS (DefaultProfileS with MinsizeRel Cmake type)
+For all of the configurations, tests are disabled and the release build type is
+used. For more details about the configurations and how the rest of the options
+are set for each of them, see
+:ref:`Build instructions </docs/getting_started/tfm_build_instruction:Migration from legacy buildsystem>`.
+More configurations and metrics could be added to the dashboard in the future.
+For each metric sent to the SQUAD dashboard, the metric must be linked with the
+state of the TF-M repository at the time of the build. On the dashboard this is
+visible from a string of numbers in the abscissa of the graphs displayed in
+SQUAD. This is the change ID of the latest commit used for the build. This
+means that in the case of 2 consecutive days with no new commit for TF-M, no
+new data points will be created.
+CI integration
+The data is currently sent by the `TFM CI's nightly build`_.
+The parameter "SQUAD_CONFIGURATIONS" of the CI build is what will trigger the
+configurations sent to the SQUAD dashboard. It should be set to the
+configurations's names separated by a comma, example :
+``SQUAD_CONFIGURATIONS = Default,DefaultProfileS``
+In this case, the 2 configurations Default and DefaultProfileS will be enabled
+and the data for those (and only those 2) will be sent to the dashboard.
+This is case insensitive and will ignore any space between the configurations.
+All the files manipulating the data and sending the data is available in the
+`tf-m-ci-scripts repo`_.
+The script `memory_footprint.py`_ is launched by the CI nightly build, it
+gathers and sends the data.
+Adding a new platform
+Currently, all the data sent is from AN521 builds. To add a new platform to the
+dashboard :
+1. If the new platform is not already tested by the CI nightly build, it needs
+to be added.
+2. The ``memory_footprint.py`` file in the `tf-m-ci-scripts repo`_ has to be
+modified to recognise the new platform.
+3. If ``memory_footprint.py`` detects the new platform with a reference
+configuration, it should send a new metric with a different name to the
+existing ones containing the platform's name.
+The data will then be accessible by selecting the correct metrics on the
+.. _SQUAD Documentation: https://squad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html
+.. _TFM's SQUAD: https://qa-reports.linaro.org/tf/tf-m/metrics/
+.. _SQUAD parametered for Default, profileS and MinsizeProfileS: https://qa-reports.linaro.org/tf/tf-m/metrics/?environment=Default&environment=DefaultProfileS&environment=MinSizeProfileS&metric=tfms_size&metric=tfms_data&metric=tfms_bss&metric=bl2_size&metric=bl2_data&metric=bl2_bss&range_tfms_size=0,100&range_tfms_data=0,100&range_tfms_bss=0,100&range_bl2_size=0,100&range_bl2_data=0,100&range_bl2_bss=0,100
+.. _TFM CI's nightly build: https://ci.trustedfirmware.org/view/TF-M/job/tf-m-nightly/
+.. _tf-m-ci-scripts repo: https://review.trustedfirmware.org/admin/repos/ci/tf-m-ci-scripts
+.. _memory_footprint.py: https://git.trustedfirmware.org/ci/tf-m-ci-scripts.git/tree/memory_footprint.py?h=refs/heads/master
+*Copyright (c) 2021, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*