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authorLaurence Lundblade <lgl@securitytheory.com>2020-01-30 10:44:06 -0800
committerTamas Ban <tamas.ban@arm.com>2020-02-05 13:29:37 +0000
commitac515e5a4410e1ae79d5e22fbec45af1fe3591b6 (patch)
tree7e72a162488a58d9be2aad5aec296d776a518fe9 /test
parentd5b6817608cfc1340ad1c169df423aff4dbe4cd3 (diff)
QCBOR: Quiet static analyzers; add bigfloat support; documentation improvements
Refined use of types, particular integer types and their signedness so there are fewer warnings from static analyzers. Added casts to make implicit type conversions explicit and more clear for code reader. No actual bugs or vulnerabilities where found by the static analyzer but a lot of lines were changed. Cleaner handling of too-long bstr and tstr error condition when decoding. Add support for bigfloats and decimal fractions -- all of RFC 7049 is now supported except duplicate detection when decoding maps and some of strict mode. Dead-stripping and/or linking through a .a file will automatically leave out the added code on the encoder side. bytes or so of code on the decode side Documentation corrections and improved code formatting, fewer long lines, spelling... A lot of lines where change for this. Repair a few tests that weren't testing what they were supposed to be testing. Change-Id: I4c9c56c1ee16812eac7a5c2f2ba0d896f3f1b5ae Signed-off-by: Laurence Lundblade <lgl@securitytheory.com>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/test/suites/qcbor/non_secure/qcbor_ns_testsuite.c b/test/suites/qcbor/non_secure/qcbor_ns_testsuite.c
index 95f3972627..109b181d30 100644
--- a/test/suites/qcbor/non_secure/qcbor_ns_testsuite.c
+++ b/test/suites/qcbor/non_secure/qcbor_ns_testsuite.c
@@ -119,8 +119,8 @@ static void tfm_qcbor_test_7001(struct test_result_t *ret)
int32_t test_failed_cnt = 0;
- test_failed_cnt = RunTests(qcbor_test_cases_all, fputs_wrapper,
+ test_failed_cnt = RunTestsQCBOR(qcbor_test_cases_all, fputs_wrapper,
if (test_failed_cnt != 0) {
TEST_FAIL("QCBOR test failed");