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Doc: Updated Document paths
This patch modifes the documentation in the following ways: * Contributing, glossary and maintainers files, are moved into the the documentation directory * The table of contents in index.rst.in are updated accordingly * Coding_guide, contributing, maintainers and readme documetns, are updated accordingly Change-Id: I40ea47f7f154142f1f02f4492ad53c3533109bb0 Signed-off-by: Galanakis, Minos <minos.galanakis@arm.com>
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ for ARMv8-M.
however we expect the code to evolve along with the specifications.
Terms ``TFM`` and ``TF-M`` are commonly used in documents and code and both
-refer to ``Trusted Firmware M.`` :doc:`Glossary </glossary>` has the list
+refer to ``Trusted Firmware M.`` :doc:`Glossary </docs/glossary>` has the list
of terms and abbreviations.
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ License
The software is provided under a BSD-3-Clause :doc:`License </license>`.
Contributions to this project are accepted under the same license with developer
-sign-off as described in the :doc:`Contributing Guidelines </contributing>`.
+sign-off as described in the :doc:`Contributing Guidelines </docs/contributing>`.
This project contains code from other projects as listed below. The code from
external projects is limited to ``app`` and ``platform`` folders.
@@ -137,9 +137,9 @@ To build & run TF-M:
To port TF-M to a another system or OS, follow the
:doc:`OS Integration Guide </docs/user_guides/tfm_integration_guide>`
-Please also see the :doc:`glossary </glossary>` of terms used in the project.
+Please also see the :doc:`glossary </docs/glossary>` of terms used in the project.
-:doc:`Contributing Guidelines </contributing>` contains guidance on how to
+:doc:`Contributing Guidelines </docs/contributing>` contains guidance on how to
contribute to this project.
Further documents can be found in the ``docs`` folder.