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SPM: Abstract and update SPM module 'thread'HEADmaster
Thread is now abstracted, with an example implementation 'compact thread', providing different thread implementation is now possible. The main changes are: - "wait" module into "thread", as it accesses thread internal members. - Context control (sp, splimit, lr) belongs to partition now and stored in partition struct managed by SPM, instead of being saved on thread members. - Abstracted functionalities used by both thread initialization and de-privileged FLIH, and future SFN as well. - Interrupt signal is set in ISR instead of FLIH_RET SVC handler - Interrupt owner PID and signal are not stacked anymore. Because they can be fetched in State Context, passed by the tfm_flih_deprivileged_handling() function - The context of the running FLIH Function - including the stack pointers and the owner Partition - are updated to the new current thread struct Change-Id: I6348e2d0522791ddb1f754ecf86b26bfb5e11daa Signed-off-by: Ken Liu <Ken.Liu@arm.com> Co-authored-by: Kevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>
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