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Crypto: Change to stateless service
Crypto service does not require a client to call to psa_connect() or psa_close(). Instead the service can use a stateless mechanism. Related documents are also updated. Note: Framework version of Crypto partition has been updated to 1.1, but not all features of FF-M 1.1 are implemented now. Change-Id: Iad628667e4b63e809c933fb263734403c6274bf9 Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com>
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@@ -200,6 +200,25 @@ Here is the RoT Service ID table used in TF-M.
tfm_ps_test_service 0x0000F 0x0C0-0x0DF
=========================== ====================== ========================
+RoT Service Stateless Handle Distribution
+A RoT Service may include stateless services. They are distinguished and
+referenced by stateless handles. In manifest, a ``stateless_handle`` attribute
+is set for indexing stateless services. The valid range is [1, 32] in current
+implementation and may extend.
+Here is the stateless handle allocation for partitions in TF-M. Partitions not
+listed are not applied to stateless mechanism yet.
+.. table:: Stateless Handle table
+ :widths: auto
+ =============================== =======================
+ **Partition name** **Stateless Handle**
+ =============================== =======================
+ =============================== =======================
This attribute is a list of MMIO region objects which the Secure Partition